The fair.

Ack!  I’m way behind.  This is a good thing.  Our days have been busy and filled to the brim, which has left us with happy and smiling boys, a camera full of photos, laundry baskets over-flowing, overnight bags packed and partially un-packed and a blog that has been left untouched.  This I suppose, this is the order things should fall.

But in this moment of pause I want to catch-up.  To remember and freeze these precious moments in time.

To remember what it like that afternoon we took our three little boys to the county fair.  Alex dressed in his work clothes, Nana there for help {moral support for me?} and Henry dressed head to toe in his cowboy gear, thrilled that he would get to ride a pony again.

I want to always remember how brave Charlie was that day.  How nervous he was riding the pony, but eventually warmed up to the idea and dare I say it – even seemed to enjoy himself.  {Well, almost…}

And of course to remember the pure joy that was written across Charlie’s face when he experienced his first fair ride.  The proud smile his big brother Henry was wearing.

To never forget the sound of magic.  The purest sweetest laughter you have ever heard coming from my tow-headed boy.

And to remind myself to take a picture of William when we’re at the darn fair.  Because two years of fair-going and not one single photo is simply ridiculous…


8 thoughts on “The fair.

  1. No tie this year? Alex really decided to take the casual route!
    Oh, the pictures of Charlie are amazing. Please take us with you whenever go to Disney. I want to soak some of that up for myself.

  2. Oh those pictures of Charlie on the rides just made me smile! !! Your boys are beautiful! I am jealous that the sun is shining and the weather is so nice there…I just bought winter jackets tonight because snow is just around the corner here!

  3. I love the pictures of the boys on the rides. Charlie’s facial expressions are priceless and Henry is such a proud and protective big brother. Good for you for braving the rides at the fair.

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