Making family history.

William isn’t exactly breaking any scales at the doctor’s office, but what he lacks in weight he makes up for in personality.

This little guy has a personality that is emerging more each day.  Not that he has been lacking – from day one he has been a good mixture of coy, shy, outgoing, demanding, patient, easy-going and stubborn.  But the best part is that William seems to mesh all of these traits together with his uncanny sense of humor and wit.  How can a one year old have a sense of humor and wit?  I don’t know, but somehow our William pulls it off beautifully.

William is the fourth generation in our family to sit in this high chair.  My grandmother has kept this chair in beautiful condition for her children, grandchildren and now great-grandchildren to use.  I love how my grandparents have saved so many wonderful pieces from our family’s past.  Remember the tractor?  My grandfather restored it too.  Pretty darn cool if you ask me.

William also got a kick out of this toy truck which was gift to my dad on his 3rd birthday.  Which is pretty cool considering we were gathered together to celebrate his 61st birthday.

So yes William you are cute, funny, and stubborn.  {And perhaps musically gifted?}

Boy how we love you.

{For my memory}

William’s one year stats:

Height:  28 1/2 inches;  8%

Weight:  20 pounds 3 ounces;  10%

Head circumference:  46 1/4 cm; 45%

None of these stats are surprising.  In fact he is following along nicely in his parents footsteps.  Long and thin with a large head.  Charming.  But not to worry, William’s feet and hands are long and narrow, sort of like a puppy, foreshadowing a tall future.


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