Charlie has always been independent, but lately he has been especially so.  I don’t know if this is the result of school, coincidence, or a good combination of the two.

We’ve seen huge strides in all areas but one of the most exciting is speech.  Charlie is making sounds with almost all of his signs and often repeats exact words.  I am both thrilled and relieved.  To witness the beginnings of our little boy speaking is HUGE.  When we started this *new journey* of parenting Charlie I was willing to make some adjustments and concessions along the way.  A delay in walking?  No big deal.  Never speaking?  Nope, that’s not allowed.

He is persistent and not easily deterred.  He is patient with each task.  Oh, how I learn from him.

Dressing himself.  Putting one leg {or two} through a pant leg.  Zipping and un-zipping jackets and jammies.

Feeding himself applesauce, yogurt and other messy foods without so much as a single messy drop.

Dragging a stool over to the kitchen counter, grabbing a snack cup and helping himself to some pretzels {one at a time}, getting off the stool, grabbing his snack and heading to his chair.

Brushing his teeth, which is hands-down his favorite activity of the day.

And of course putting on and taking off his rain boots.

{For my memory.}

Charlie’s three-year stats:

Height:  35 1/4 inches

Weight:  29 1/2 pounds


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