There aren’t words.

But I’ll try.

My Charlie has started pre-school.

I expected sad tears to fall that first day.  To feel sorry for myself.  For my son.

It was a day of only smiles and a few happy tears.

I was so proud of Charlie and knew that he was proud too.  You couldn’t help but see it.

Trying to get a back to school picture before driving to school on the first day…

To say this was a day I felt a million emotions would be a gross understatement.  Three years.  It seems as though a lifetime has been packed into that small window of time.

My boy happily joined the line with his new friends and walked into his classroom.  He was the line leader that day!  My Charlie was the line leader at school!

Three days a week for an hour and a half.  They do art projects, free play, have circle time, snack and recess.  All of the activities are geared towards meeting our goals for Charlie.  Speech is our primary focus at this stage, which makes it all the better that there is a full-time speech therapist in the classroom.  And yes, we even decided to give the bus a try after the first week of school was under our belt.  So far so good.  {though I did cry that morning…}

I realize that we are stepping into a stage of life that I was originally so fearful of.  Where words like IEP, special education, bus rides and the like would become common in our conversations.  And yes, these words they are familiar, but they aren’t scary.  Instead, they are interwoven with teachers that love and care for my little Charlie just as we do.  Teachers that have the gift of seeing the beauty, talents and potential of every little soul that graces their classroom.  And together we are all helping Charlie transition into this new stage of life.

My mother’s heart is grateful.  And hopeful.   I can now breathe a sigh of relief and say this – this classroom, these teachers – this, right now is right where he should be. I can’t speak to the future, but I remain confident in the now.  I couldn’t ask for more.


12 thoughts on “There aren’t words.

  1. Oh, Libby, what a beautiful post! My day will come in April, and I’m teary-eyed just thinking about it! He’ll go for two years, four days a week, 3.5 hours a day. (Mornings when he’s three, afternoons when he’s four.) Andrew doesn’t even start kindergarten until next fall, so B will be the first one. Sniff, sniff….

  2. it’s amazing and wonderful and scary and exciting. Charlie is going to do great- just like he has been doing at home, under your excellent care. Lauren is 3 also and started school back in January..she rides the bus and finds her own carpet square and sits down for snack . I don’t think she’s been the line leader yet..but, here’s hoping. I look forward to hearing more about his year as the year rolls out.

  3. Libby, again I look froward to reading your blogs daily all the way from Kenya and they inspire me a lot as my Jerry also has downsyndrome. Am proud of Charlie too and I know my Jerry is doing quite awesome too. Congratulations Libby!

  4. Oh, he looks too cute!! So nice to read that he loves school so much…my Nicholas not doing so well with the separation…I have the same feelings about school as you though…I really do think they will blossom!! Can’t wait to hear about tCharlie’s school year!!

  5. So wonderful that he has such a great place to go! (and not to many tears for Mom–I probably would have been a wreck if that were Sage!
    He looks so cute, all dressed up and ready to go!
    Love the pic of he and William looking over the side of the wagon:) Too cute!
    The line leader? GOOO CHARLIE!!!!

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