Before we get ahead of ourselves…

Before we fully jump into fall there is still plenty of *summer* to cover while these memories are somewhat fresh in my mind.

When the weather began to warm up, Henry and I wrote out a 2010 Summer to-do list.  It was across the board, including swimming lessons, breaking out the slip ‘n slide, getting shaved ice treats, running through the sprinkler, going to a movie at the theater, eating fudgecicles after dinner and going fishing with Pop-pop.  Henry proudly checked almost everything off of his list (he is still waiting to camp in the backyard with his dad…) and boy was he thrilled with all that he {we} had accomplished.  And to tell you the truth, so was his mom.

Our little family covered quite a bit of ground this summer.  We crammed in our last therapy sessions for Charlie, adhered to a schedule that included three naps {two for William, one for Charlie}, had plans almost every evening, and playdates in the mornings.

And if I’m being totally honest, I barely survived.

I’m a tiny bit embarrassed to even mention this, but I’m quite certain that if I could make it through this summer I can make it through just about anything.  I know, I know, each stage of life brings with it a host of challenges, but this darn summer brought me to my knees {again and again}.  With three boys five and under, one who must be busy at all times, another who may *be* three but in all reality is more like an almost two year-old and a baby thrown in for good measure.  It was intense, it was physically exhausting and my patience never seemed to last.

I found myself both wishing the days would go faster and praying that I could freeze this precious time with my babies.

Because when it boiled down to it, I loved and was thankful for every minute with my boys.

So yes, let’s remember summer shall we?

Henry caught his first fish.  Thanks Pop-pop!

It was a summer of peaches.  I made my first peach pie, and my mom taught me how to can peaches.  Yummy.

Time is good.  It softens hard edges and polishes the good until its shiny.


2 thoughts on “Before we get ahead of ourselves…

  1. thanks for reminding me I should make a list next summer or better yet one for fall. The pictures say it all, life is GOOD, what a beautiful family my friend!

  2. Summers go by too fast. I am always sad to see school and routines begin again every August and September. I really hate giving my kids away to school and teachers. If only I had the patience to home school my children, but I don’t. It sounds like you had a wonderful summer making memories (and with the pictures to prove it!) You are a “super-mom”.

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