My baby

My baby is one.

William you are a wonder.  As a newborn you loved to be held, snuggled in my arms, or sleeping on my chest.  Today you are on the go, crawling after your big brothers doing your best to keep up.  My heart bursts with pride yet aches to hold you close.

Sweet boy this year has flown by.  Everyone warns you it happens this way.  So I prepared myself to soak up each moment, knowing that you would grow in the blink of an eye.

Baby boy, do you know how special you are?  Even before you were born I was surprised at how I loved you.  I couldn’t wait to welcome you into God’s beautiful world.

I already knew how special sons are and had no doubt that I was going to love you William.  And I do.  My love for my boys is burned into my heart and every cell of my body.  And when you were born, I was a mommy that fell deeper in love with the wonder that is her baby.  You’ve helped me to fully embrace motherhood, even these intense yet fleeting early days.  And in the process I’ve learned to fully appreciate the bittersweet wonder that life truly is.  This is how motherhood should be.

You were selected by Him, a treasured and perfect gift for our family.

Let me hold you while I may.

Let me both teach you and learn from you.

May these early days be etched to memory.

Your beautiful smile, perfect cue-ball head, arms stretched up for mommy to hold.

I love you.

One beautiful year.

Keep growing my sweet William.  Just not too fast.

Sweet baby of mine.


One thought on “My baby

  1. Congrats for making it through the first year of being a mom of 3. I know it was a challenge, but you always impress me with your honestly and your desire to love your boys deeply and fully. You are blessed!

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