Two for one.

For the first of what we hope to be many years of parties, we celebrated Charlie’s third and William’s first birthdays together.  Since their big days are exactly one week apart, it only seems fitting to combine the celebrations into one big party.

We followed our tried and true birthday party formula:  invite family + godparents + bake cake + cupcakes and ice cream + balloons and our birthday banner = a good time.  Works every time.  {Thank goodness for fun family and friends!}

The invites.  Aren’t they cute?

Andrea made the cake.  It was amazing, and not one crumb was left.  darn it.

The decorations, tissue paper “poofs” were festive and super easy to make.  Henry and I made a couple each afternoon leading up to the party.

The birthday boy waiting for his guests to arrive with his new baby stroller, which he totally digs.

The rest of the greeting committee.

Our baby, already driving.  Man they grow up fast.

Before the party-hat *mishap*.

Yes, it was that simple, but the love for our two boys was abundant.

And let’s be honest.  Chocolate frosting and a cupcake?  The boys were thrilled.

Post party-hat incident…

After cake and ice cream it was time for some organized present opening.  {Try to spot the birthday boys…}

But they figured things out pretty quickly…admiring new clothes, drooling over new books…

I love this photo – look at Charlie’s face…a dump truck!


Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our two little boys.  Our whole family is so blessed by the love of each and everyone of you.

And thank you Alex for playing photographer for the afternoon!


7 thoughts on “Two for one.

  1. Okay, I’m *so* glad you did a combined party! I was considering doing one next year, and now you’ve convinced me. I may do a 3-for-1.
    Here would be my deal:

    March 24–Andrew turns 5
    March 25–Thomas turns 1
    April 24–Benjamin turns 3

    So….since Andrew will be the only one who will have a clue about what birthdays are, when should I have it? In between A’s & B’s?

    Ours would just be all family anyway. Sure would be nice to have one big celebration instead of 2 or 3 separate ones. Esp since we do a meal along w cake.

    Oh, yeah, I’m digging this idea.

    Your pictures are precious. I love the dumptruck reveal. Love. It.

    Happy 3rd, Charlie! What a big boy!

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