The short of the long…

So the cable guy finally showed up.  At lunch time.

Cable guy:  So, you run a daycare huh?

Me:  What?

Cable guy:  A daycare, you know {pointing to the kids.}  Or are they all yours?

Me:  They’re all mine.

Cable guy:  Pretty close in age aren’t they?

Me:  Yeah, I guess three kids in four years probably counts as pretty close in age doesn’t it? {Umm, what does this have to do with my internet not working for almost three weeks…?}

Five minutes later…explaining my million and one convos with the Charter “customer service reps”…the previous visits by other cable guys leaving me with internet slower than dial-up.  Seriously.  We’ve been roughing it around here.  And if it couldn’t get worse, I couldn’t post photos of the boy’s party or William’s first birthday…don’t get me started…

Cable guy:  Kids are great aren’t they?  {He’s sitting at the kitchen counter now, just chillin’}

Me:  Yup.

Cable guy:  I’ve got four myself.

Me:  How old?

Cable guy:  10, 10, 6 and 3.

Me:  Twins, how fun!

Cable guy:  Uh, no.

Me:  Whoops!  {My personal edit button is currently missing.  If found, please return quickly.}

Cable guy:  One is with my late wife, the other with my current girlfriend.

Me:  {Ok, I’m a total idiot.}  I’m sorry.  Yeah, kids are busy aren’t they?  Want to see where we keep the computer and modem?

Anyhow, I now have internet access!  I can up-load photos!  I can post on my blog!  I can respond to the one million e-mails sitting in my in-box!  Henry starts school tomorrow!

That my friends is the short of the long.  Or the long of the short…whatever, I’m back!

And now a sampling of some of the super exciting things that took place during our weeks in the dark ages.

I took all three kids to Costco by myself and lived to tell about it.

And I’m finally at a good place with my hair.  whew.

OK, admittedly that was a pretty lame and edited version.  We’ve had birthday parties, birthdays, a wedding…looks like I have some catching up to do.


7 thoughts on “The short of the long…

  1. Oh my gosh….you seriously, made me laugh!! The boys are too stinking cute……I could just eat them all up!!

    Henry will love being back in school…..and they grow up so fast…..too fast!

    Can’t wait to see party pics….glad that you are back in the land of the living…….

  2. You are sooo brave! I don’t take all 3 to Wal-Mart. The sitter does it and still manages to keep comin back each day. You gals have great secrets. :)

    Love the hair! And glad to hear that you’re connected with the world again. Can’t wait to read about the birthdays & parties.

  3. Seriously Libby…”weeks in the dark ages!?” Your last post was eight days ago! That’s less than a week and a half if you stretch it! You have been through bloggy withdrawal! Get some blog and a cup of coffee…you’ll feel better. And yes, the cable guy was stupid!

  4. Ok, I’m a lurker and this is totally off topic, but I’ve just got to ask where you get those cute striped, knit, cropped pants that your boys wear! So cute and comfy! BTW~ I’ve got a William and a Charlie, too! Also an Andrew, Emily, Grace, AnnaClaire, and Kate. And if we were ever to adopt a little guy again, he’d be Henry! Love your boys’ names.

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