Happy Birthday Charlie!  Sweet boy, today you are three!

The last few days we’ve celebrated our Charlie.  We celebrated a little boy turning three.  A little boy who opened up his gifts, pushed his new dump truck around and ate every last bite of his chocolate frosted cupcake.

Tonight, on the day of his actual birth our little family of five went out to dinner to celebrate.  We boldly went to Red Robin where Charlie learned how to dip his fries in catsup, clapped as the waiters sang Happy Birthday and graciously shared his ice cream sundae with Henry.  It was perfect.

As I document this special day, I realize how easy it is to peel back the layers of emotion that hide below the surface.  As always, I’m surprised they are still there.  Of course I feel guilty for saying so.  I waffle between admitting I still feel a twinge of “what if” and sharing the palpable joy that my son has brought to the world.  I realize I will be walking this line for a lifetime.

Tonight I want to remember every detail of the day Charlie was born.  The first time I looked into his eyes, the moment he was placed on my chest.  Our visitors, the phone calls, the hugs, gifts and the flowers.  Our hospital room, which smelled like a floral shop, every inch of space covered with beautiful flowers.  Our room was overflowing with love as we welcomed our sweet boy into the world.

I want to remember three years of a sweet baby growing into a little boy.  A little one who has a smile that melts my heart and a laugh that is the sweetest sound my ears have ever heard.  His once short and baby legs have grown into the lanky legs of a little boy.  Only his hands hint at babyhood with their pudge and dimples.  They are perfect for holding.

I want to remember each milestone big and small.  Rolling, crawling, walking, signing, learning new sounds.  Swinging, going down the slide, playing soccer and baseball with Henry and dad in the backyard.  Playing independently, pretending to cook in your kitchen, or reading in the rocking chair.  Charlie is the best middle brother.  He is the peacemaker and happily plays back and forth with his brothers, each one loving his attention.

Tonight I want to look towards the future, to the unknown days before us.  I see laughter, tears, challenges, success, grace and blessings galore.  I see a life, and that life is full.

Happy Birthday sweet Charlie boy.

You are three.

Your mama loves you so.


9 thoughts on “Three

  1. tears right now (so thanks for that lib:)! charlie- you have brought so much joy to ALL of our lives! that smile melts my heart.

  2. Happy third birthday to Charlie! This is a biggie in our world. I pray for and hope for the same things for my Benjamin. Only eight more months until we’re at three.

  3. Happy birthday, Charlie!!! 3 is big milestone and from everything that your mom says on this awesome blog, you are more than ready to move onto the next stage: Preschool. You will certainly steal their hearts in your first minutes there and impress them with all that you can do.

    Beautiful post, Libby!

  4. Happy Birthday Charlie!! I love watching you grow up, you always make me excited about the future for Parker and our family! Libby, brought me to tears (as usual). XO

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