So…I went away last weekend.  As in I hopped on a jet plane leaving my three small children home alone with their dad {and Nana, Pop-pop, Uncle Andy, Auntie Chicky and Uncle Jim…}

Aside from a 6:30 a.m. text from Alex the first morning:  Henry just got sick in our bed. Me:  Oh, no!  Poor baby! {Henry had never been sick up until that morning…so I gave Alex a call to check in.}  25 minutes later.  Alex:  can you use simple green on the carpet? Me.  yes.  why? Alex:  Henry got sick again, this time on the carpet. Me:  Why don’t you get him a bowl for next time? Alex:  I did, but its his first time at the rodeo. Poor cowboy.

Anyhow – my babies were in good hands – but let’s get back to the weekend.  It was ba-nanas!

The bride-to-be Jaclyn

The digs.


The whole group – Erica, JJ, Jaclyn, Dana, Meighan, Kristin, Libby, Amanda.

I have a serious crush on Kristin’s new camera strap.

Does anything beat a good taco truck in the middle of wine country?  I think not.

Loving our matching sunglasses.  They we a total hit and made for some great photo ops.

Needless to say we had a fabulous time.


One thought on “Ba-nanas

  1. Wait, I didn’t know you were in Sonoma?! One of my favorite parts of great weekends is the list of quotes that make all involved laugh afterwards. I Die.

    This wedding is getting the better of us and now the bride and groom are both sick. I guess it is better than being sick last week or next (wedding) week.

    Thanks for a great bachelorette weekend! I loved every second of it!

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