Summer lovin’

It’s the middle of August.  And if you are counting, there are still three+ weeks until school starts.  No kidding.

Our world has been spinning at top speed.  In the last 25 days, tonight is one of five nights that we have been home.  Toss in four weeks of daily swim lessons, tennis, playdates, therapy sessions, afternoons at the pool, dinners with friends, an adventure or two and a vacation here or there and you have one busy family.

Its been busy, but oh so wonderful.  My plate is full and my cup is overflowing.  But for a homebody it has left a few gaps in my routine.  Sleeping, reading, writing, taking photos, catching up on e-mails, returning phone calls not to mention a full DVR…

On the flip side I have been able to spend numerous hot summer days with Alex and my boys playing and loving every chaotic minute of our time together.

We have been given precious time with friends who live way too far away.  Friends with whom in mere seconds we are able to fall into comfortable conversation.  There is something beautiful about a friendship that has stood and will continue to stand the test of time no matter the distance.

We’ve been on vacation with new friends, forging a friendship that includes our children and theirs, conversations that cover the map and lots of laughter.  Because trying to “vacation” with five kids ages five and under is funny.  Right?

There have also been many late nights with dear friends.  The kind of friends that have a margarita and a laugh ready for you after a long day with the kiddos.  Summer nights where you bring over pack ‘n plays, sleeping bags and after the kids fall asleep you stay up way too late reminiscing/dancing/singing to the music of our college years.  Friends that know and love you well.

Sprinkled in between have been dinners out, a girls night, and visits with long-distance family.

And so tonight I pause while the laundry is going, Alex and Henry are mowing the lawn and the little boys are sound asleep.  I know that things will settle down a bit come September.  There will be time to write down our adventures.  To return phone calls.  To sleep.  And to reminisce of the month where I threw all caution to the wind, embraced the freedom of summer and have {so far} lived to tell about it.

Yes, life is good.

{I’d love to share a few highlights, but flikr is being awfully finicky.  I’ll try it again soon.}


3 thoughts on “Summer lovin’

  1. yeah for lazy, summer days filled with FUN! Enjoy a few more weeks for us! We started school today..I am offically “old” as my oldest is in Middle School!

  2. Sounds like you had a fabulous summer!! We start the school routine tomorrow. Gavin goes for half a day, then on Thursday our little Ainsley has her first day of Pre-K. The summer went too fast. Enjoy your last weeks of the summer schedule! :)

  3. I’m so glad you’re back though…..I was beginning to worry!! Oh, just the fact that school doesn’t start for you guys for another couple of weeks is amazing. We started here in GA, two weeks ago!! No kidding!! And it’s too hot to go outside!!

    Sounds like you had a really relaxing time!!

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