Mom, that’s so bored.

If Henry doesn’t like something, if it scares or bothers him or he is simply bored he will declare that’s so bored!

It’s almost August and we have been busy.  Swimming lessons, tennis lessons, playdates, and a handful of excursions have made for a lively summer.  That said our calendar has also included plenty of plain ‘ol summer days, most of which are spent at home.  During these regular summer days we all play well together {for the most part} with the occasional *organized* *special* activity thrown into the mix.  You know, to keep us on our toes when simply reading books, coloring, and playing with toys is so bored!

We do exciting things like playing with {and eating} sidewalk chalk on the driveway.

Until I got all smarty-pants and tried to one-up good ‘ol sidewalk chalk by making sidewalk paint.

It was super easy to make {though I would recommend making it in the same containers that you are going to use outside – fewer dishes to wash.}

Charlie and William were impressed.

Henry was not.  Sigh.  Mom why don’t you just add water to the container that holds the chalk?  The chalk will soak up the water and it will work way better than the paint.  Or you could just dump some water on the driveway and then use the chalk.  See how cool that looks?

Low and behold the he was right.  And I quickly proceeded to lose my smarty-pants *I made sidewalk chalk paint* smugness when the ants started marching across our driveway.  Go figure, ants dig cornstarch – the main ingredient to chalk paint.

And then there is the old favorite ball on a string.  I remember my dad rigging-up something similar to this on our front porch when I was a little girl.

Good ideas like that must be genetic because Henry fashioned his own ball/string combo on a tree limb in our backyard.

I kid you not the boys have now spent hours hitting this darn ball.    {Not to mention its great eye/hand coordination practice for Charlie.}

Of course there is always the summer standby – a garden hose and wading pool.  Our boys have logged in hours playing in the water.  Making up games as they go up and down the slide over and over, trying to make the biggest splash into the pool.

Not only is our fancy pool a great way to cool off, it helps to provide that great combo of water and sun that ensures long naps/quiet times…

Sometimes the baby is sleeping and we need to do something {relatively} quiet inside.  Thus the tub ‘o macaroni was born.  Charlie’s therapist had brought over a tub of rice for Charlie to play with one day to help work on his fine-motor skills – scooping, picking small objects out of the rice, pouring, etc.  It was an instant it.  Not to be a total party pooper, I most certainly was not going to leave an open tub of rice out for my kids to play with.  Thus the great macaroni compromise.

Charlie carefully scoops and perfects his pincer grasp, careful to not drop a single piece of pasta.  Henry too loves it, though this macaroni play is a bit more wild and often ends in noodles everywhere and with Charlie in giggles.  It’s so simple and it occupies the boys long enough to make breakfast/lunch/dinner.  Enough said.

Another great indoor project is this peg/stacking game.  Again, its great for Charlie, but Henry too loves this thing – something about sticking all the pegs together and making a fishing rod.  {William seems to like this toy, or at least thinks it tastes good.}  Works for me.

I’m all about the occasional craft, game, project, whatever, but in no way are we doing something special and crafty everyday.  Instead these simple ideas are a handful of things have helped to add some color to a long summer day, make a some happy memories and quite frankly to mix things up.

That said, I’d love to know some of your favorite crafts/games/activities that have been a hit with your kids this summer .  Because it’s not yet August and I only have one fun idea left up my sleeve.  {Though its a good one…it involves an extra-large canvas, my boys and some acrylic paint.  I have this dream that my boys are going to make me some extra fancy art for our walls…}  So come on, share.  Please don’t make me beg.


2 thoughts on “Mom, that’s so bored.

  1. I work at a child care center and I have an easy outdoor activity that is a hit. I use a big shower curtain and hang it on a fence. I am able to use clothes pins to attach it. Then I get paints out and let them paint away. When they are done, they can clean it off with big sponges.

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