There is no doubt this time of raising little ones is intense and our summer days have only magnified things.  Whoever coined the phrase “lazy days of summer” clearly didn’t have small children.  All day, every day I’m on.  Filling our days with *meaning* while balancing the pressure to be *present* in every moment.  Because if I don’t stay cool as a cucumber, loving every minute, I’ll probably be filled with unspeakable mommy regret over *missed* could-be picture perfect moments.

So *they* say.

But I’m certainly not perfect nor perfectly patient which means I’m not always cool as a cucumber.  More like a hot potato.  Which leaves me to balance *meaningful moments* with real life.  I mean, a person can only throw so much caution to the wind.  If I’m not doing the laundry then who will?  And the truth?  Sometimes the laundry isn’t that bad.  I don’t have it in me to entertain our kids every second of the day and sometimes folding clothes is a nice break.  As for the kids?  They too enjoy some independent time.  Because playing in the dirt, riding scooters with friends and even crawling around the living room floor feels much more like an adventure without mom hovering.  I’m guess a throw back to the good ‘ol days.  I’m all about letting the kids run free around the yard while I putter around inside, visiting neighbors and *gasp* spending entire days at home without any structured activities.  

Sure we still have our moments, a little too much attitude, not enough patience or the errand that just can’t wait which in turn makes everyone grumpy.  And just when I go all *hot potato* yelling, stomping and shouting “time out now!” something happens.  A sticky hug, a silly song, a smile.  And I’m reminded.  This intense time will pass by in the blink of an eye.  And so I soak it in.  Because as far as I can tell babies don’t keep.  Sniff. There will be a time when my windows aren’t smeared with fingerprints, when I will only have to make lunch for myself.  And since it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to convince Alex to always have a baby in the family {who needs to travel?} I’m soaking up every moment with my sweet boys.   Focusing on the true beauty that already exists in my life.  Because it’s not all about creating picture perfect moments.  Instead it’s the sweet everyday, not-so-special, but oh-so-special moments {in between loads of laundry} that I want to remember.

Random snippets of summer:


4 thoughts on “Whatever

  1. What a fun post! I feel exactly. what. you. say. There really isn’t a moment to catch your breath some days, but in the end there really ARE those moments to remember. You are such a wonderful mama and dear friend! And those pictures are wonderful!! I especially love the two of your “big” boys and the spatulas!!!! Precious! Counting the days! oxoxo

  2. Here are my favorite things about the post-dinner photo: the combo of lit candles and o’doules bottles, Alex’s special necklace and the fact that Will is eyeing the camera like maybe he’s still a bit hungry! :) Priceless.

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