It’s William’s favorite word.  Uh-oooh! Tossing a Cheerio off his tray.  Uh-oooh! While playing with his toys. Uh-oooh! While tossing his pacifier{s} out of his crib.  At five am.  Uh-oooh! As he *helps* me unload the dishwasher.


I find myself saying it too as my baby! crawls on his knees {not just on his belly}, pulls to standing everywhere and has even taken a few steps behind his push toy.  He discovers new toys and plays with them.  To top things off he acts like eating table food is no big deal.  {Baby food?  What’s baby food}?

And the real kicker?  He just does things.

As in: I think I’ll start playing with the little kitchen today. So he stands up and plays at the little kitchen!

It’s a bit shocking.  {The playing with the kitchen thing, not the wearing Christmas jammies in July thing…you get over things like that by your third kiddo…}

I can’t help but find this process amazing, this whole watching my baby grow up before my eyes thing.  Sure its our third go-round and you’d think it would be old hat by now, but that’s far from the truth.  Its fascinating.  With Henry we were so wrapped up in the first-time parent thing – feeling overwhelmed, clueless, and sleep deprived – that he just grew up before we had time to worry or compare.  Of course Charlie was a totally different story, each milestone a major goal to be accomplished, one deliberate step at a time.

This time, with our third sweet baby, its icing on the cake.  I’m totally soaking in each simple and miraculous thing that this sweet boy does.  Every milestone seems effortless but still worth celebrating.  Not because he did something early or particularly amazing, but simply because he is amazing and should be celebrated.  I’m not sure I can adequately describe this wow! feeling I now experience watching all my boys grow up.  Yes, it looks different for each one, but this time I feel like I’ve been let in on a secret.  I’ve been given the gift of watching my babies grow and I understand it, I get it and I can’t help but celebrate it in amazement.


4 thoughts on “Uh-oooh!

  1. I am *so* right there with you! Thomas is the absolute BEST baby EVER. Yes, part of it is my perspective. But he really is perfect (so far)! I am soaking up every ounce of him. :)

  2. I’ve experienced that this go-round too. I feel like I have an appreciation of how fast this season will go. Isn’t it amazing how each child grows us :-)

    So enjoy reading your blog and staying “in touch” ;-).


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