Looking outside my kitchen window. Oh dear.

After dinner, while I was cleaning up the kitchen.

Henry was yelling Mom!  Mom, come out here!  You won’t believe what Charlie can do!  Way to go Charlie!

Oh boy.

As for Charlie?  He was pleased as punch. As he should be – climbing up that ladder is no small feat.

Looks like the backyard now calls for full-time supervision.  As in “mom must be within two feet of the play structure at all times” supervision.  At least until he figures out how to get down on his own and stops swinging from the wooden beams.  {I thought my heart was going to hit the floor when he pulled that move.}

It was fun while it lasted, looking through my kitchen window.


10 thoughts on “Looking outside my kitchen window. Oh dear.

  1. Hurray Charlie! John Michael is a climber, too. My biggest worry is that he’ll fall while climbing or turn around and misstep and fall down. It’s hard not to want a giant safety net or bubble wrapped around my little guy all the time to avoid injuries and just let him be a boy! Charlie’s such a handsome guy!

  2. Way to go, Charlie!!! JEB likes to climb things as well…..like the counters in the kitchen and bathroom……and sit on the dining room table…..and the rock wall on the playground.

    He’ll enjoy being able to get to new places!!

    And besides, mom…..you didn’t have anything better to do anyway……did ya????

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