I love this guy.

And I’m not the only one.

At the hospital with a newborn Henry.

Henry today:  I think I’ll give daddy a special “daddy day” for father’s day.  He and I can spend the whole day together – he will love it!

A regular occurrence; playing baseball with his boys after dinner.

With all three boys the day William was born.  {Look closely at William.  I love his hand on his head; What have I gotten myself into?}

Happy Father’s Day Alex.  We love you!


2 thoughts on “I love this guy.

  1. hate to spoil your fun, but Moms of school age kids notice it isn’t much different either…although we don’t have to make sack lunches or check homework every night (unless you are like me and they have summer skills worksheets to keep “sharp” and to keep them quiet for at least 30 minutes). I need you close by to tell me I CAN’T get it all done! I swear the day is over before it begins! Please send some of that cool weather down here..we are dying here 100 degrees with heat index even higher..the kids asked today why i had the heater on in the pool? seriously! It doesn’t heat up around here until July/August! Love the baseball pics with the crocs, so cute! Glad I am not the only one yelling “be quiet” your brother is sleeping! and mine ARE old enough to know better…yeah Dad! he is a keeper, but you already knew that one! XO

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