American tourist.

Charlie’s summer style.

Yep.  Shorts, tennis shoes and a good ol’ pair of white socks.

I have to give it to him, he does a darn good job of making it work in a variety of situations.

While exploring the yard.

Modeling for the camera.

Pretending to be a dinosaur.

Even while coloring.

I’ve ordered a pair of stride rite sandals which means that Charlie will soon ditch his orthotics for the summer because bare feet, plastic orthotics and 100 degree weather doesn’t sound very appealing.  If your little one wears orthotics do you give them a summertime break in favor of bare feet and sandals or do they sport the tourist look?


11 thoughts on “American tourist.

  1. I love these pictures of Charlie; he’s looking like such a big grown up boy! And let’s be honest…if crocs are cute on little ones (which they are) so is the ‘tourist’ look!

  2. We give Lucy the summer off. I tell myself it’s because her feet sweat in the orthotics, but really it’s about fashion! Ha! Anytime that it is cool enough for jeans, though, we put the orthos back on.

  3. After my William had his stroke, he wore an orthotic on one leg. We did not give him the break. He wore shoes all summer, I think. To be honest, it was okay, because even though it got hot, he was young enough that we couldn’t be outside that long anyway. I’m sure there were times that we put sandals on him with no orthotic, but for the most part we were concerned with pronation, and with hyperextension of the knee, so we felt that a summer of socks and shoes was worth it.

    Um, Charlie is super duper cute. White socks and all. Love it!

  4. he can wear the white socks! What a doll! Charlie reminds me of my Taylor at his age! Taylor had that white blonde hair until he was 3, sadly it has turned like his Momma’s now..he is 11 today! I miss the toddler boy stage..good thing I still have Parker to take me through it one more time! :)

  5. honestly, i’m just impressed that he leaves his shoes on at all. If converse comes out with a High top sandal we will be all set! We do give Lauren a break from her orthotics at times – i certainly don’t think that she is ‘dependent on them. It looks like Charlie is moving around quite well..even from still photos I can tell.

  6. Wow — what a cutie!!!

    My little Kate (age 3) has orthodics, but her PT doesn’t think she needs to wear them all the time. Instead, she just usually wears some arch support shoe inserts. Since kids with DS have flat feet the arch support really helps.

    I looked at the link you provided for the Stride Rite sandals you ordered for Charlie, and I see that they have a good closed heel, so the arch supports that I use for Kate will probably work well in Charlie’s sandals. At least that will give him SOME support over the summer. :) I put a link to the website below. They’re only about $20. But if you like them you’ll have to buy new ones for each new shoe size as he grows. Our PT really likes these and says they are great for Kate.

    Thanks for the adorable pictures!

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