On a mission.

The goal: get to the swing.

This afternoon while I was busy snapping pictures of Charlie, William was on a mission.

Charlie meanwhile, was giving me his best model pose while happily snacking on equal parts cheddar bunnies and dirt.

I’d set William down on the quilt, but he obviously had other plans.

He was on a mission, commando crawling across the yard. {He was serious; note the tongue sticking out.}

And just in case I wasn’t clear on his goal he would periodically look back at me using his best “come on mom, are you going to help me or what?” expression.

Of course I helped.  Success!


6 thoughts on “On a mission.

  1. I love it — that determination got him to where he wanted to go. Awesome. As for Charlie… dirt and cheddar bunnies seem to be quite the treat. Such a cute look on his face!

  2. yeah William!!! Can I send Parker to your house for lessons? LOL. Charlie, you could not be any cuter! Hugs to you all!

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