Everyone longs to be delighted in.

That thought struck a chord with me.  It’s a simple statement that holds so much meaning.

Everyone longs to be delighted in.  And it’s so true.  The simple act of delighting in others and being delighted in produces the most amazing results.

Snuggling with a freshly bathed William.  Watching Henry soak up every minute he spends with his dad.  Listening to Charlie’s laughter as he dances, claps and sings during a family dance party.  The flutter in my heart – excitement, relief, love – when Alex comes through the door after work.  My boys are delightful.

I’m blessed to have an abundance of people in my life that I delight in – people who I get to share the big and little details of life with.  Sharing a good bottle of wine with friends, a dinner with family crowded around the table, a simple phone call to say hello.  And really, it’s the little moments that matter, because together they add up to one full life.

My birthday was last week and it was celebrated by my husband, sweet boys, family and friends.  It felt unusual to be in the spotlight, but to tell you the truth I found it delightful.  The holiday weekend began with a much-needed evening out with girlfriends and unfolded to include a dinner out with Alex, and two BBQ dinners with friends with the children running around in the yard.  Leisurely mornings.  A family surrounding a full table at another dinner.  There was an abundance of good food, wine, coffee, sweet treats, good conversations, plenty of laughter and happy, sleepy boys by the end of each day.  It was lovely.  I felt celebrated and blessed.  Thank you.

Celebrations naturally encourage delight, but on the heels of such a wonderful weekend I want to think more about the simple moments life brings us.  Fresh lemonade.  Walking through the neighborhood holding Charlie’s hand, waving and blowing kisses at everyone we see.  Watching a parade through the eyes of my five year-old.  A baby who has discovered crawling.  New books; one for my soul, another to feed it.  Peonies from my husband.  A picnic lunch.  Making dinner for my family.  Those simple moments are just as worthy of celebration.  My hope is to not only delight in those moments, but to also bring delight to others.  Isn’t that a delightful reminder?


4 thoughts on “Delightful

  1. A very delightful reminder indeed. :)
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!
    Please update me when you finish “Plan B.” I’m interested in reading it!!

  2. Yes, thank you for the reminder. I really am one of those moms who does too much… With baby arriving tomorrow night or the next, I’ll need this reminder more than ever to just slow down for the summer and enjoy the simple things. Happy Belated Birthday.

  3. Good for you Sweet Libby. You deserve to be delighted in in such wonderful ways! You DO bring such love and light to your family and friends and I for one am so thankful for your presence in my life! Big Hugs and Happy Birthday!!

  4. Libby, I hope your birthday was absolutely lovely!(Peonies are my favorite!)
    Wishing you a summer full of delightful moments…so very happy to be able to peek in on some of what delights you… in turn it delights me!

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