Outside my kitchen window.

While making dinner, looking out my kitchen window.

Two brothers.

Henry loves to help Charlie into the swing, buckle him in and push his younger brother.  He does this without any help from mom or dad.

Two brothers just playing outside in the backyard.

Charlie loves every moment; laughing, smiling his biggest smile, thrilled to play with his brother.

Henry loves the role of big brother and is so proud to help.

I learn from their pure and simple love every day.



8 thoughts on “Outside my kitchen window.

  1. Okay, this was lovely!!!

    And I’m so very jealous. LOL

    Jealous that you have a playset in your backyard. (We’re still saving up for a fence and a playset.)

    Jealous that your boys play together and that they are able to. Andrew has never picked up Benjamin ever. Nor does he even want to play with him. Ugh!

    But I’m sure it will come some day. Henry just seems to have such a warm, loving attitude toward Charlie, and it is so wonderful to “watch”! :)

  2. i think this picture is a framer. it will always bring joy to your face (and mine too!). i absolutely love it!!!

  3. Libby – you brought tears to my eyes! Taylor loves Parker so much and I look forward to the days when all the kids can swing him in the swing! I had all 4 kids at the store on Sat and Parker was in the cart laughing the biggest belly laughs at Madeline who was playing peek-a-boo at the cart. Makes all the world seem right! XO Lara

  4. We’ve had similar moments lately, and I love it so much! I don’t think anything could be better for our mommy-hearts! Thanks for sharing

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