My first baby boy is now five.  FIVE.  Five is such a big milestone, its miles away from anything baby, toddler or even preschool related.  They grow up. Sigh.

If he must grow up, Henry is certainly becoming a wonderful little boy.  I’ve tried countless times to describe our boy, but my endless words don’t seem to capture the spirit of a boy who truly loves life. A boy who from the moment he bounds out of bed {the earlier the better as far as he is concerned} wants to talk about anything and everything.  A boy who has big plans for each minute of the day.  A boy who loves people.  A boy who is perfectly lovely.  

We had been dutifully counting down the days until his actual birthday but there were some discrepancies along the way.

I’m already five mom! This after his birthday circle at school.  That same day he was the recipient of My very own journal!  Just like all of the other kindergarteners!  And I wrote my first entry.  I like apples.

There was the actual *party* on Saturday.  I already turned five at school mom but we can still have a party.

And then Sunday, the *official* day.  It’s my real birthday!

On the day of the *party* – following tradition – we filled Henry’s room with balloons.

The birthday fairy came!  Remember those balloons that you bought from Target mom?  The birthday fairy must have found them in the pantry and filled them up!

Bless you sweet boy.

In preparation for his party the birthday boy was happy to help add the sprinkles to his cupcakes.

Needless to say, we did indeed celebrate our five-year old for three days.  And keeping in the birthday spirit we had almost 40 people join us at our *ranch* for the celebration.

Henry was in his element surrounded by his favorite people.

As were Charlie and William who each had their own adoring entourages.

Themed parties are the best.  Especially cowboy themes.

Cake 2.0.  Let’s just say I’ll only be using the frosting recipe again.

Is May too early to send out a Christmas card?  Really, I’m serious.

We are also thinking about forming a band and hitting the road.  The name of our group?  Hank, Chuck and Willy.

Everything was a hit.  The party.  The guests.  The cake.  The pinata.  The presents.

We had one happy cowboy on our hands.  {Showing off his new belt-buckle}.

Happy Birthday Henry!

***Notice that I’ve actually included pictures of those outside our immediate family?  I have been going out of my way to only show photos of our family – assuming that most people weren’t comfortable with the whole photo/blog thing.  However, after enough “what does it take to get on the blog?” comments I discovered that I was wrong.  So consider this a fair warning if you are around and my camera is out… ***


4 thoughts on “Five.

  1. Wow, what a party. I love the theme and the group name! You guys look like real cowboys :)
    Congratulations Henry The big 0-5-
    BTW your boys are beautiful. if you can call boys beautiful that is ***smirk**

  2. Looks like you had a great time! Happy (late) birthday, Henry! Speaking of your camera being out … did any of those pics of Charlie + Matthew turn out? We’d love to see some – either on the blog or in our inbox … doesn’t matter, and no hurry. :-)

  3. How fun! happy Birthday Cowboy Henry! I am not a cowboy kind of girl but that is one cool party I would wear cowboy boots to :)

    You have a beautiful family and lovely friends to celebrate such a blessed day. And GREAT photo of you all.

  4. Nice job Libby. I’m so grateful we were there after all I made the blog. Can I have a Xmas card in May?

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