Party central.

My Henry is turning five this weekend and we are celebrating.

After five years and three kids, we have a pretty solid birthday party routine.

The recipe?

:: Invite loads of family and a handful of family friends {the godparents of our children.}  Can you believe our children are fortunate to have family and friends travel across the state and from as far as California to join in the celebration?  {Though one of these days we might have to resort to one of those dreaded “kid-only” parties – Henry is starting to catch on.}

:: Bake a cake or two.  {Not to be outdone by Charlie’s cake last year I’m going to try this one with this frosting.}

::  A few dozen cupcakes for good measure.

::  Put out some yummy snacks, load up an ice bucket filled with beer, soda and lemonade.  Oh, and juice for the kids.

::  Spruce up the yard.  Henry’s May birthday encourages us to kick-off the season, and Charlie’s {and now William’s} party at the end of the season forces us to do one final yard overhaul.

::  Cross your fingers for sunshine and no wind.

This year we are shaking things up a bit by adding a theme – cowboy of course.  And you better believe that Alex came home this week with two overflowing bags of cowboy duds for the whole family.  Apparently one doesn’t mess around when it comes to a country theme.

Oh, and since we are celebrating it seemed fitting to toss William’s baptism and Mother’s Day into the mix.  Because what’s better than a whole weekend of celebrations?


4 thoughts on “Party central.

  1. Sounds like a ton of fun. I love family friendly birthday gatherings and other celebrations, too. Fingers crossed for your good weather wishes :-) Happy Birthday, Henry!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Henry! My Sam would be in heaven with a cowboy party.. How cute!

    What a beautiful weekend to have your son baptized as well. Smiling for your blessed weekend.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you :)

  3. Your birthday parties sound a lot like ours! (Well, like ours for our littlest…the other three have caught on to the kid parties). Ella’s birthday is in June, and we will be celebrating in a very similar fashion. Though probably not as cowboys. ;)

    Have FUN!!! And Happy birthday to your Henry!

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