This is what a superhero looks like.

This is what a superhero does:

He builds raised garden beds for his family.  {From scratch.}

{Cute gardener not included.}

He builds a play structure for his three little boys to use for many years to come.  {Even William thinks it looks like fun.}

He builds a new patio off the deck.  {Nothing like an unexpected “spur of the moment” project.}

I haven’t yet seen a cape, but I have seen a little boy who proudly “helps” his daddy work on each project.

I’ve seen friends {a.k.a. other superheros} serve as side-kicks to our very own superhero.  {Thank you Geoff and Aaron!}  It’s fun to see other superheros “mentoring” new superheros.

Can you spot the three children in our back yard?  It’s the hillbilly version of where’s waldo.

{Hint, Charlie by the yellow slide, Jack on the red slide, and Henry with the hose…} Don’t fret, after two weeks of chaos our yard is cleaned up and kid-safe and friendly again.

Our superhero.  {Working on yet another project – new garden borders…}

What a guy.


3 thoughts on “Superhero

  1. Great post. I’ve got a superhero, too. It’s wonderful to see dads involved and in action and our kids benefiting just by being with them and learning how to be superheros, too. Thanks for sharing!

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