Spring? Break?

Last week was our official spring break.  At least according to the calendar Henry’s school follows.

The week tried to prove otherwise.

Oh we had glimmers of spring.

Plenty of time was spent out front riding scooters, mowing the lawn and lounging on blankets in the grass.

There was even a picnic or two.

Then we decided to head up to the mountains.

Where it snowed over two feet in 48 hours.  In April.  No matter, Henry took to the slopes like a champ.

Henry got on and off the platter lift unassisted and skied down the hill over and over – all by himself – while I cheered at the bottom. {I didn’t take any ski gear and Alex had gone back home to work.}

Charlie even braved the weather to watch his brother ski.

Doesn’t he look thrilled?

He’s more of a fair-weather sort of guy.

Yes, those are froggy rain boots.  No, he could hardly move.  Yes, he is always this darn cute.  Always.

And there was swimming.  Nothing like snowflakes to make a 100 degree pool even better.  {So I heard…}

There was also the bonus fact that we had a condo filled with family; one pop-pop and nana, three aunties, and two cousins – all beautiful, fun, amazing women.  {Along with one mama and three little boys!}  The best part?  They love my boys and my boys love each one of them.

After four days it was finally time to come down the mountain and back into the beautiful spring weather at home.  Which didn’t really happen.  {The spring part, we did make it home.}  At home it snowed almost two inches, covering all of the new tree blossoms the day before Easter.

And that my friends was our spring break in a nutshell.  While there really wasn’t much “spring” or “break” that took place, it was the perfect week in that “the moment my head hit the pillow each night I fell right asleep in that it was a busy, but oh so good day sort of way.”


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