For the record.

For the record my husband is a super-hero.

For making moments like this possible in our backyard.

Two brothers swinging.  Laughing out loud.  Laughing so hard.

Charlie was in heaven, signing “more! more!” when the swing would slow ever so slightly.  Henry was in heaven because his brother was finally able to share in his backyard enthusiasm.

For the record, there was no school for Henry on Monday.  I didn’t realize this…until Alex called at drop-off to ask why the parking lot was empty.


For the record, on that same day I was worried that Charlie was wheezing.

That’s why we went to the doctor’s office.  {With all three kids in tow, two in their jammies.  See “no school” above.}

Two out of three boys found the mirrors in the exam room entertaining.

One did not.  {Crossing my fingers that a tooth is on it’s way…and the Tylenol kicks in soon.}

For the record it was the onset of croup.  Not wheezing.

And a double ear infection.  His first ever.

Charlie now officially holds the record as the first kid in our house to have an ear infection.  The prize?  His very own bottle of the pink stuff in the fridge.  {This is remarkable for many reasons, mainly that it was Charlie’s first ear infection – supposedly kiddos with Down syndrome have them all the time.  Once again proving how different each child is.}

For the record this is what croup and a double ear infection looks like on Charlie.  Is is any wonder that I hesitated to take him to the doctor?

For the record I hadn’t been to Starbucks in over seven days.  I’m pretty sure that was a record.

I ordered a grande latte at the drive thru on the way home from the doctor’s appointment.  {See “taking all three kids to the doctor’s office” above.}

For the record this day was not what I expected.

All therapy appointments were canceled.  Seven loads of laundry were completed, two loads of dishes and one round with the vacuum.

There were plenty of hugs, an abundance of smiles, stacks of stories read, naps for all, time to just be and dinner as a family.

The day wrapped up with a bubble bath, jammies, stories and *just one more* kiss and a hug.

For the record today was lovely.  Lively.  Ordinary.

Ordinary days are the best.

{I still think I’ll wrap it up with some ice cream and a glass of wine.}

For the record.


6 thoughts on “For the record.

  1. Way to take it all in stride. I have a distinct memory of our ‘first’ ear infection several weeks ago that left me a puddle on the floor. And your husband…can we borrow him now that he is a ‘backyard rockstar?’

  2. Libby – You are both heros!!! Looks like a fabulous day despite the visit to the Dr and the teething..7 days w/out Starbucks? YIKES!!!! I agree top it off with ice cream and a glass of wine! Hugs to you all! Swet dreams!

  3. Charlie seems to hold up well even while sick! My little guy hasn’t had ear probs either and he’s 28 months old. The medical books sure made it sound like it was a given for kids w/ Ds. Love the swing and the smiles. The pink stuff is magic, too, cuz it actually tastes good according to my almost 5 yr old who just finished her dose for an ear infection. :-)

  4. My boys are just now starting to play together. I know your boys are slightly older than mine, but I’ve always been envious of the bond they tend to have, and that Henry not only tolerates Charlie, but enjoys him as well. Think he could come teach Andrew that it’s cool to have a little brother, especially now that he has two? :)

    I was surprised that Benjamin lasted as long as he did (21m I think) before getting his first (and only, so far) ear infection.

    Things look great from here.

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