He is…

Easter Sunday, driving home from church.

Henry: “Mom and Dad what was your story today at church?”

Mom: “It was about Jesus.  How he died and rose again.”

Henry: “That was the same story we had!”


Henry: “There was something about our story that we were supposed to share with our parents but I don’t remember….”

getting ready for an egg hunt at Nana and Pop-pop’s

eggs dyed by Henry with everyone’s name written across the front

the easter bunny remembered that I needed a new weed whacker

a new car for Charlie and William

Before dinner.  Henry comes inside from the backyard.

“Mom!  My new weed whacker is already broken!  What am I going to do?  There is no way I can wait a whole year until the Easter Bunny can bring me a new one.  I have too much work to do this summer!”

Upon inspection I realized that even superglue wasn’t going to save this one…

end of the day, time to break out the sweatpants and try peas for the first time…

Tucking Henry in at night.

“Did you have a good Easter Henry?”

“Yeah, I’m a little sad that my Easter present is already broken.  Do you think the Easter Bunny will come back tonight with a new present?”

“I’m not sure Henry.  But it was still a good day wasn’t it?  We went to church, had brunch, an egg hunt…and you heard the Easter story again.  That’s pretty exciting.”

“Mom is it the same Easter story every year?”

“Yes, Henry it’s good for us to remember that He died and rose again.”

“He is risen mom!  That’s what I was supposed to remember!  He is risen!”

He is risen indeed.


4 thoughts on “He is…

  1. Awww, Henry, you’re the sweetest! His is risen indeed! Best words from a big boy like you. Your boys all look so handsome for Easter — love the photos!

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