This boy is a little bit funny, smart, sassy, defiant, handsome, curious, patient, coordinated beyond belief, collector, handy-man, athlete, business man, perceptive, social butterfly, snuggle bug, opinionated {note yellow crocs below} best-big-brother-ever.  Sweet boy is four going on fourteen.  A good mixture of dad, mom with a strong dash of himself.  He is my firstborn.  He is love.  I Love him.

Every morning he eats breakfast with his dad.  Cereal and orange juice on the weekdays.  Pancakes, french toast or waffles made by dad on the weekends.  They read the newspaper and check the weather.


Tuesday morning.  Charlie’s room.  I’m getting William dressed and Henry is “keeping Charlie company” in his crib.

“Mom, does Charlie know how to forgive?”

“Of course, why do you ask Henry?”

“I was wrestling with him last night and he started to cry.”

“Yes, but you told him that you were sorry and gave him a kiss and a hug.”


“I know, I just wanted to make sure he knew why I gave him a kiss and a hug and that he forgave me.”


Thursday.  Instead of a nap Henry had an hour of quiet time in his room.  After said hour it looked like a bomb had exploded.  I patiently explained that Henry was not allowed to leave his room until he cleaned up his mess.

“But mom I can’t!

“Henry, if you can make the mess, you can clean it up.”

Low and behold:

A spotless room.

Sweet boy is a collector, so I put a bamboo platter on his dresser for him to “display” his special treasures.  {It also helps to keep the littlest treasures away from other little hands.}

So we remember.  Globe – a Christmas ornament, conch shell brought back from the Bahamas by Nana and Pop-pop, pussy willow branch from Mrs. R., various hammers for home improvement projects, shotgun shells for your pretend shotgun, chuckar call, old watch, painted letter H, jingle bell from school Christmas songs, tractor parts, painted snake project, picks for your ukulele, pick holder with your name painted on the top from Poppy and Burde, sunglasses, gold medal.


We are readers at our house.  Henry has an overflowing bookshelf, a basket filled by his bed, stacks on the floor, and a pile always at the ready on the couch.  Even Charlie is a bookworm grabbing a story or two and heading back to his own chair to flip through the pages, pointing, signing and talking his way through the book.

One of our current favorites is My Friend Isabelle. It’s the sweet story of a boy Charlie and his friend Isabelle – who just happens to have Down syndrome.  It’s a simple story of grace and friendship.  I like it and my boys love it.  {And it’s one of the best special needs books I’ve come across in a sea of lame stories.}

At the end of the story there is a picture of the authors daughter with a brief description of Down syndrome.  “Isabelle is a child with Down syndrome.  This means that she doesn’t look or think quite like Charlie does.  Isabelle can do many things that Charlie can do but sometimes it takes her a little longer to do them…”

“Does Isabelle remind you of someone that you know Henry?”


“What about Charlie?  Does it sometimes take him a little bit longer to do something?”

“Nope, but it does take Will a long time to do things.  He still just rolls around.”

Sigh. Big smile from mom.  I love my boys and I love how they love each other.  Just as they are.


8 thoughts on “Henry.

  1. Awesome post! Henry does sound “old” for his age. I love the pic of he and dad eating. It totally looks like a picture ad in a magazine. My oldest (nearing 13) is a bookworm and collector as is Henry. Wait til Henry is my son’s age and you’ll need many, many bamboo baskets! Finally, we adore My Friend Isabelle. NDSS website has it narrated by the real Charlie and is in a video form. I showed it to the K through 3rd graders at my kids’ school and they all loved it. Thanks for sharing about Henry. :-)

  2. Here’s to Libby and Alex!……….two beautiful parents!
    Have a wonderful Easter.
    He is Risen!
    He is risen indeed!

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