Haircuts and Cowboys

Three little boys.  Not one of them is interested in taking a nap.

What’s a mom to do?  The obvious answer?  Load them all up and head to Supercuts.

That was fun.

The end result?  A haircut for one blondie.  {One out of three isn’t bad, especially when one doesn’t even have hair yet…}  We rushed back home, unloaded the troops and camped out in the driveway for the rest of the afternoon.  Bikes, scooters, a tractor, we were back in business.  Whew.

Besides plenty of driveway time spring has also brought about a sudden interest in anything and everything country around our house.  Apparently the warm weather inspires playing in the dirt {not the helpful gardening kind,} wearing funny hats, talking while using your *cowboy* voice, and dreaming of raising quail or pheasants.

Case in point:  Henry before school.

“Today I’m a cowboy.  I’m going to wear my cowboy shirt, cowboy boots, orange cowboy socks, cowboy hat and vest.  Because cowboys always wear vests.”

He even took his *horse* for a ride before heading off to school.

Alex is even getting into the country theme.  While doing projects around the house – wearing cowboy boots – he mentioned something about “gettin’ some acreage.”  We even took the boys to Big R to look at baby chicks, pheasant, and chuckars.  Charlie scored some new bright yellow rain boots and Henry his first Wrangler shirt.  Might be time for me to break out my boots and belt again…


2 thoughts on “Haircuts and Cowboys

  1. Wow Libby,
    It has been to long since I last read your blog and this morning I just need a Henry/ Charlie fix. I started around 5 am and before I knew it..6:30 rolls around and I have to get my own boys up.I loved the other peoples storys of there precious birth days also (even if they made me cry..Not a big one to like it when I do such a thing) I just really want to tell you thank you for your raw honesty…You are so brave and I think your family is so special. again thank you

  2. Henry looks so handsome, Libby!! And little Charlie, well…he is adorable as always. :) They’re getting so big. Love the cowboy duds!

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