Time to fire up the tractor.

It’s officially spring which means it’s time to breakout any and all ride-on toy, wagon, bike, stroller or tractor that hibernate in the garage for the winter months.

And while riding a bike without training wheels has been pretty exciting, it’s still the tractor that gets all the attention.

It’s especially fun because Henry gets to drive and Charlie happily rides along in the trailer.  My handsome boys.

My sweet handsome boy who at times gives me an expression that transports me a few years ahead.

Hello teenager Henry.  Would you hand over your car keys to this face?

“Come on, let’s get this thing moving!”

Around and around the driveway they went.  The giggles.  Laughter I want to bottle up to always remember.

At one point I realized they were moving pretty darn fast.  And stellar mom I am, I realized a helmet might be a good idea.  It’s not always as easy as bike = helmet.  Tractor should probably = helmet too.  Especially for the wee one swinging around in the trailer.

Henry took my concern seriously and let Charlie borrow his helmet.  Because we are all about safety.

Putting on a bike helmet made it a prime opportunity to introduce Charlie to his *new* trike.  {Well-loved and broken in by big brother.  I love hand-me-downs.}

Oh how we love the warmer weather.  Fresh air and sunshine warming our bodies.  Spring breezes.  Hours passing by as we rediscover our favorite outdoor activities.

What do you like to do when the weather warms up?


6 thoughts on “Time to fire up the tractor.

  1. Mason just graduated to a big boy helmet (our nice way of saying giant head). I was thinking that Charlie might like his smaller one, and this confirms it! Love the pics!

  2. OOO I enjoyed hearing from you over at my blog. I have been reading your blog since I got my prenatal diagnosis and you are the reason I started to BLOG, your blog is the first one I ran across that brought my comfort, your little Charlie is just so cute… Thank you for your faith, your pictures, and your honesty. When I see your boys playing together I get excited for Grady and Mason to interact like that…. how exciting.

    I look forward to reading your updates all the time. I just love these pictures in this post, I am a big fan of these two together.

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