Little cuties.

Over the weekend this little cutie learned how to ride a bike without training wheels.  {Notice the wee one in the background making a break for it?}

Friday, after going *all the way across* on the monkey bars Henry turned around to give it another shot.  Unfortunately he fell and his face caught the fall, thus the scrapes.  “Mom I told you I would do all of the bars today, but I fell and my face landed on the bark.”  Ouch.

This little cutie took off on his first try.  “It’s easy.  I’m almost a professional!”

{Same day different clothes…I don’t think we ever make it through the day without some sort of clothing change…}

Stopping and starting are still a bit tricky.  But his little cutie {who has a bit of his mother’s flair for the dramatic} toughed it out.

Two little cuties exploring the neighborhood.  Together.

This little cutie happily played with his new scarves.

{Pink, purple, yellow, green…soft, stretchy, silky…pull them out, stuff them back in.  Repeat.}

Until he discovered something {another little cutie} more interesting.

About then, this little cutie’s mama decided it was time for a walk.  {In the name of keeping wee ones safe.}

We waved at our neighbors and passing cars.

“What’s a cutie gotta do to get his haircut?”

This little cutie practiced his sitting.

He ate mashed bananas twice and discovered his tongue.

And quite frankly, this little cutie just played it cute.

Then this little cutie showed us where his {and little brother’s} nose is.  {and head, ears and eyes!}

Then two little cuties wrestled happily with dad while I snuggled with my baby.

Until it was time for all cuties to head to bed.


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