String Bean

We have a string bean on our hands.

William’s official 6 month stats:

Height: 26 inches {33%}

Weight: 14 pounds 3 ounces {4%}

Head circumference: 42.4 cm {15%}

My baby.  Sweet baby William.  Six months!  It’s like forever and a second all at the same time.

Sweet boy, we made it.  *We* have turned a corner.  You are happy.  Content.  To top things off, you have even discovered the great joy of sleeping four to five hour stretches!  Baby boy we are both wearing smiles.

Your brothers love you.  Sometimes too much.  {We are still working on using our *gentle* hands.}  But you oblige, you love them too.  I can already tell.

I think you are ready to give real food a try.  Again.  Perhaps some mashed bananas?

{For my memory, all about you}

You are opinionated.  Strong willed.  Follow your own timeline.  And love to have everyone’s full attention.

You are bald but dislike any sort of hat.  You have wisps of hair {brown? blonde?} sprouting.  No teeth yet, but plenty of drool.

You can sit {sort of.}  You roll from your tummy to back and can *almost* flip from your back to tummy.  You love to jump, happily bending those legs and bouncing away.

You play with your toys.  You see what you want, pick it up, put it in your mouth, pass it from hand to hand.  All of this figured out on your own.  Your dad and I find it fascinating to watch you develop.  It’s effortless.

Yes, we still call you Willy Billy Goat.  It’s cute. Really.

You love to be close to me.  I love it.  We have already logged many hours together with the ergo carrier.

You have discovered your feet.  Bare or with socks, you reach for them and try to eat each toe.  It’s tops on my list of cute things to watch.

You are amazing baby.


3 thoughts on “String Bean

  1. I love it when you post pictures of the boys! They are so beautiful! And it sounds like you’re feeling better! My little William has just this week started laughing at me when I do silly stuff with him! I wish I’d known while I was pregnant and scared witless just how beautiful my baby with Down syndrome, and my life with Down syndrome would be. If I could have looked ahead to these days just four months in I don’t think I would have shed a single tear! Thanks for sharing your darling kids with me!

  2. Such a cutie! My Tyler was really bald but if I put a hat on he would pull it off. I finally discovered that if I the hat on with the bill facing backwards where he couldn’t see it, he would leave it on his head. Everyone thought I was trying to make him like “cool.”

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