It was pleasant indeed.

Keys to a successful *girls day* with two little ones in tow…

Mirrors.  Lots of them.

Snacks.  Big dressing rooms.

A good baby carrier and a baby who loves to snuggle.

A good stroller.

A balloon.  {totally made the new shoes worth it…}

A very patient and loving Nana.

My mom and I escaped to Seattle for the day.  We didn’t have much of an agenda.  Charlie needed new shoes.  And we wanted to see if it was possible.  As in possible to use the words  “pleasant day” after driving two hours with a toddler and baby, shopping a bit, eating lunch out, shopping some more, stopping at Trader Joe’s and then driving another two hours home.  It was pleasant.  Fun.  And darn successful.  {Seems having no agenda is a good thing afterall.}


2 thoughts on “It was pleasant indeed.

  1. What darling photos! Charlie looks so much like my John Michael and such a funny guy, too. Mirrors are so fun. I have to ask… what kind of double stroller do you have and do you love it? We’re in the market now since John Michael is going to be a big brother in 10 weeks.

  2. Monica – We have two double strollers. The Bob double jogging stroller for long walks, etc. which we bought three years ago after Charlie was born and still use it almost everyday (weather permitting.) It was a splurge, but would buy it again in a heartbeat. When William was born I knew that we would need another double to keep in the car as the jogger isn’t the easiest for quick in-and-out of the car access and it takes up way too much space in a store. I also didn’t want to spend too much, but also didn’t want to be frustrated by a stroller that kept falling apart, etc. For about a second I looked into one of those sit and stand strollers, but realized that they weren’t right for us. There is no way that Charlie would sit in the toddler part of the stroller. He does best when he is fully strapped in (a five point harness is key.) Since we have two other Maclaren single strollers that have served us well over the years I decided to stick with that brand and selected one of their two double stroller styles. (Yes, we have way too many strollers but they each have a use…) Other important features…a full recline so William could use it from day one. Easy to steer, fit through a single doorway, and fold easily and compact.

    I ended up buying our stroller through They had a 10% off coupon, no sales tax and free shipping which made it hard to beat. (Though it ended up being a real steal as my parents bought it as a new baby gift.) After almost six months of use I still love our stroller and can still see using it for many more months (years….) to come.

    Hope that helps you as you wade through the MANY choices.

    Maclaren double:

    Bob revolution duallie:

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