Giving it a try.

Some have suggested that I try some “real” food.  Enough of this “breast milk only” bit.  The kid is five and half months already!

My mom {who was not convinced} caved on one particularly long afternoon.  She assembled the troops.

Initially I was okay with the whole “shoving a spoon in my mouth” thing.

And then I wasn’t.

Seriously, my hand tastes better than this stuff.

My big brothers were proud of me.  Henry tells everyone that I eat breakfast {cereal} now even though I’m pretty sure no food was actually consumed.

After my reaction to the “real stuff” I’m pretty sure I heard my mom mumbling something about not trying again for a few weeks…

I’m pretty happy about that…{and so is my mom.}


3 thoughts on “Giving it a try.

  1. Love the cereal-covered face! And having the boys “helping” must have been fun for everyone! Ainsley isn’t content to just sit & watch me feed Skylar anymore–she’s a very hands-on kind of sister and isn’t happy unless she’s helping. Usually doesn’t work out well for Skylar, but Abby (our black lab) is loving the little extras that have started to fall her way.

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