Reasons to smile.

So many reasons to smile.

This little guy slept for five hours IN A ROW last night.

The night before his mother slept through the night.  I’m pretty sure there were happy angels singing somewhere.  {Thank you mom.}

Cool custom-sewn t-shirts for each boy made by my brother; their Uncle Jimmy.

My boys love their uncles.  Even the ones that won’t let me mention their existance here.

A quiet morning.  Big brother is at school, baby brother is napping.

Time to play with letter magnets.  Put them up.  Take them down.  Fill up container.  Empty.  Clap!  Repeat.

Catch big brother Charlie peeking in on baby William.

Just curious.  Only smiles; no eyes were poked.  Whew.

Henry let me take a picture of him.

I had to move fast.

Realize that *maybe* in the midst of many “life is busy” moments my kids are still experiencing life at the slow, take it easy, pace I so badly want them to know.

Proof comes in the form of many footed jammie photos.


So many reasons to smile.


6 thoughts on “Reasons to smile.

  1. One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is a childhood. Looks like you are doing a bang up job mama!

    PS – how did you get 5 hours? please tell me your secret? I am soooo tired.

  2. Awesome!! Okay, curious…what size are Charlie’s footed fireman pajamas? Benjamin has some just like them.

    I *love* our Tiny Love mobile! In fact, I got another one for Thomas b/c Benjamin still uses the music part in his crib multiple times a day.

    And I have long wondered what your boys’ birthdays (including years) are, to compare to my boys’. :)

  3. Glad to see that William is letting you get some sleep. It’s amazing how good you feel after a night of uninterrupted sleep. Yea for you!!!

    The boys are gorgeous–growing up so fast. Love William’s gummy smile, Charlie’s curiosity, and the pic of Henry sticking out his tongue. What great pictures!

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