I am a mother.  Naturally I worried about my babies.  Fears.  What if’s.

Only one fear has become a reality.

It was a big one.  A new baby boy with an extra chromosome.

Yet this baby boy captured my heart.

I had nothing to fear.

Still doubt creeped in, I should have known better.

I worried about Henry.

I worried about how his life would be changed by having a brother with Down syndrome.  I assumed the worst.  Would Henry resent Charlie; all of his therapy appointments?  The extra time we spend helping him?

Would he feel ashamed of his brother?

Again, I was wrong.

It has been quite the opposite.

The fits of giggles and endless hours spent playing together cast light on any doubt I held.

The hugs, the questions and cheers of encouragement were balm to my worried heart.

Henry’s interaction with Charlie; his never-ending encouragement, love and genuine kindness never ceases to amaze me.

He taught me what pure love looks like.  Love without preconceived notions weighed down by the opinions and worries of the world.

He taught me how uncomplicated love can be.

Love your brother.

Love that isn’t burdened by fear or worry, but focused on the here and now.

And here and now it is good.  So good.

My sweet oldest boy.  A teacher.  A little boy with a heart filled with compassion and understanding.  He loves hard, plays hard and talks non-stop.

I often forget that he only has four years under his belt.  My first sweet baby boy.



6 thoughts on “Brothers

  1. They look so sweet playing together! Have you ever read Attack of the Redneck Mommy’s blog? She lost her youngest son, and then adopted a special needs boy, and her 2 children are strong and loving pre-teens because of it!

  2. Oh, that is so sweet! Andrew (almost 4) still really wants nothing to do with Benjamin (DS, almost 2). I can’t really blame him, as all B wants to do is walk around, pinch noses, and throw toys. All in good time. :)

  3. Ah, Libby, I love this! I often think about this with Cody and yet, he surprises me too. Yesterday Nate was not feeling well and while I was in the kitchen, Cody went to a crying Nate and said, “It’s okay Nate-Nate, I’m here now, shhhh”. Just melted my heart.

    Our older boys will certainly have a level of compassion and understanding that only the most blessed can have – they will love in a way that’s different and, hopefully, that love will reflect Christ’s love – the love that sees right into the heart of another!

  4. a beautiful post about the adoration of siblings. I wish all the kids I come across understood that we should love others as they come, not as we hope them to be. Henry is a blessing to Charlie, and Charlie a blessing to his big brother. Won’t it be nice to see what William adds to the mix?

  5. This post is a great reminder of the power of pure love. The third picture, of Charlie laughing, moved me to tears. Thanks for sharing your precious boys.

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