Carpe Diem.

In the midst of my beautiful {thinking positive!} routine days and sleepless nights I’ve had plenty of moments that are positively perfect.

It isn’t all about tackling mountains of laundry, dirty dishes galore and changing one more diaper.

When you need a break, a change of pace, it is heavenly to be surrounded by women who love you unconditionally, understand you, and are just plain fun to be around.

A weekend away with the girls in Seattle.  And baby William.

{With kuddos to the iphone for the photos…}

It’s become an annual trip.  Four aunts, one cousin {two if the flight schedule works}, my mom, and me.

There are rules.  You must be 21 {or nursing.}  Discussions are confidential.

We have themed wine glasses and coffee mugs.

Conversations are real, honest, and cover the generations of our family.

We constantly remark about how blessed we are.  Over and over.  {Truth always needs repeating.}

Sometimes just one break is all that I need to step back into the beautiful chaos of life.   Re-energized, and ready to seize the day, cover my boys in kisses and hugs and yes, tackle that mountain of laundry.

I am blessed.  Obviously.


3 thoughts on “Carpe Diem.

  1. So glad you got to have this time to be loved on and to connect to such special women. We all need that, but especially those of us who are giving 150% every day to little ones who deserve every bit of that love and energy. big hugs.

  2. I love the fact that your baby carrier glows! Glad you had such a wonderful time. As mothers, we just don’t take enough breaks like that.

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