So, what do you think? And finally some answers.

After using the same blog header for well over a year I decided it was time for something new.  {Change is hard.} Charlie has grown and this blog has too.  I originally started writing to share then one year-old Charlie’s story, but it has evolved to become our family’s story.  Today I write about Charlie but I also write plenty about Henry and William, love, life and Jesus. {Though I’m afraid one day, these essays will later serve as proof of why mom is teetering on the edge of crazy.}

Ahem.  Back to the subject of change.  While I’d love to put up a new header every month featuring photos of my perfect children clearly that isn’t going to happen, it took me over 14 months to make this change.  Though I am teaching myself to use Photoshop in my “spare” time.  {It’s slow going but fun – I’m using my brain – it’s called learning!}  So who knows maybe I will end up changing things around weekly – just don’t quote me on that.

Check things out.  I’ve made a few subtle changes here and there.  Revamped the blogroll.  {We’ll get through this together mom.}  Added a photo and edited the “Who and why.” Apparently people like to know what the “who” looks like.  Unfortunately, the most recent photo of me without a camera in my face was taken the day William was born.  Not exactly what I had in mind.  So yes, at this point the only photos that prove my current existence {besides birthing my children} feature me posing in the kids bathroom – often alone, featuring a large belly or “wearing” a baby with a smiling kiddo off to the side.  {Hence the photo of me holding Charlie, while also five-months pregnant with William.}

What do you think?  Tell me – I want to hear your honest opinion – love it, like it, hate it.


A bit of blogkeeping.

Lately I’ve received a few questions via the comments or by e-mail.  Since (A) I’m the WORST at responding to e-mails in a timely manner and (B) I figure that if a few of you asked, then others might just be wondering too.  So, I’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone.  Or something like that.

Is this now a cooking blog?

No Dad, it’s not.  I’m just sharing some of the recipe’s and food that have been a hit with our family.  Some people scrapbook, craft or have a hobby that keeps them sane.  I’m discovering that spending a few hours in the kitchen not only keeps me sane – it gives me an opportunity to tell my family {and neighbors if I make too much} how much I love them.  But thanks for the reminder – I made a killer pizza the other night.  {Pepperoni, feta, peperoncici’s and Trader Joe’s whole wheat crust – oh my!}

Where did that darling play kitchen come from?

Santa.  But I’m pretty sure that he shops at Garnet Hill.  He also picked up the accessories there too.  {Of course they were only selling the kitchen for Christmas, but I found it at Oompa toys for the same price.  The accessories are available at amazon.} My sister in-law coordinated with Santa and bought Mimi the Sardine {that name just makes me smile} aprons along with a few sandwich and breakfast food items for our little chefs.

Are you supposed to use real mustard {like French’s} in the meatloaf recipe or dried mustard?

I’ve used the real stuff, mainly because I didn’t have the dried mustard on hand.  However, I asked my Grandmama last night and she said that the original recipe calls for dried mustard.  I just need to remember to put that on my grocery list…

Are you still giving away copies of Gifts and Road Map to Holland?

Yes!  We are still mailing out copies to families who have received a prenatal diagnosis or diagnosis of Down syndrome at their child’s birth.  Please continue to spread the word.  If you would like more information about the books, or why I’m giving them away, you can read more about “Sharing our Blessings” here.

Has William calmed down?

Maybe.  Kind of.  Well, really only when we are around other people.  However, I have taken the advice of a friend and reviewed some of the things I eat.  Perhaps homemade pizza with pepperoni, peperoncici’s and feta were indeed bothering the wee one.  {Go figure.}  Or the loads of broccoli we have all been eating now that Alex is on his “healthy” kick.  So yes, I’ve made adjustments to my diet and even {gasp!} wheeled his little bed to the other side of our room.  We have both survived this separation and have even enjoyed occasional 2-3 hour stretches of uninterrupted sleep.

Can I subscribe you your blog?

Yes, and as a subscriber you will be notified via e-mail when there is a new post.  You can subscribe through feedburner (look on the right column) or using the new wordpress subscription feature – it notifies you within minutes when a new post is up.  I know that some have had trouble with feedburner so I added another option.  I’d love to know which you prefer.

Do you get paid by the word?

Ha.  You must be referring to my love and frequent use of {many} words.  If you must know I am trying to tighten up my writing.  To use the “less is more technique.”  We’ll see how that goes.  As for getting paid, that would be a “no” as well.  I’ve intentionally not included advertising on this blog. This is where I share the story of my family.  Our lives.  It’s personal.  If I ever have the good fortune to get paid for my writing I will utilize other venues.



2 thoughts on “So, what do you think? And finally some answers.

  1. I do like your new layout. The picture of Charlie on the header is so sweet, but then again, I’m smitten with Charlie and any picture of him is okay by me.
    I think it’s funny that all pictures of you have a baby and a camera in front of your face :)
    I made your meatloaf (using dry mustard) and liked it very much and so did half of my children (two out of four isn’t bad). Also, that pizza looks delicious!
    Love your blog, as usual, no matter the header or layout.

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