Willy Billy Goat

Yes, that’s your nickname.  “Willybillygoat!, Willybillygoat!” Your big brother Henry affectionately blessed you with this new name when you were only weeks old.  What can I say, your newborn cry sounded just like a baby goat.  I wish we recorded it as proof.  Anyhow, Willy Billy Goat stuck.  I’m sorry.

You are almost five months old, so naturally you just had your four-month check-up.  Sweet peanut!  You are 24 1/2 inches long {17 %} and weigh in at 13 lb 8 ounces!  {11 %}  Even your noggin is petite – 41 1/2 {18%}  – this is especially notable as you come from a family of big noggins.  You are positively perfect.

Our doctor asked about tummy-time.  I mumbled something about you “sleepingonyourtummy.” Emphasis on sleep.  This is how I know that you can roll from your tummy to back, though I have yet to see it.    And you sit!  {Well, you tri-pod.}  Your head control is amazing, and as Henry can confirm you almost get into the crawling position.  But let’s not start that anytime soon OK?

You still nurse like a champ, and I don’t think either one of us is ready to try solids.  We still have a few things to figure out – this whole sharing a room thing is more challenging than we thought it would be.  No matter you are unfazed and happily sleep in the office.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you aren’t willing to be flexible.

While waiting to see the doctor I read an article about a “high-needs” baby.  The sort of baby that needs your full and focused attention all. the. time.  I think Dr. Sears was writing about you sweet boy.  I often joke that you didn’t get the memo that you are the third baby in our family, and instead think you are the first-born.  We are figuring things out.  I don’t mind the extra snuggle time and can’t seem to get enough of your smiles and coos.  We are making discoveries together.  You have discovered your hands and that they hold things {primarily Sophie the giraffe!}  I have discovered that the house is still standing even if the dishes aren’t done right away.

You are teaching me to be patient and flexible too.  Thank you.  I love you my sweet Willybillygoat.


4 thoughts on “Willy Billy Goat

  1. Oh my goodness what a cutie your little William is! Your boys are ALL so handsome; they almost make my teeth ache! :)

    Love your blog!

    Robbie, Piper’s Nana

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