The cheese stands alone.

“…the cheese stands alone, the cheese stands alone…” {As in: “hi-ho-the dairy-o.”  The farmer picks a wife, the wife picks a child…the cheese stands alone.“}

It’s Henry’s {new} favorite song.  They just learned it at school.  I can remember singing that song in preschool too.


Me: “Henry, what do you want for lunch today?”

Henry: “An egg salad sandwich, peaches and a pickle.”  {His favorite lunch ever.  Seriously.}

Me: “How about a grilled cheese sandwich?”

Henry: “I don’t like grilled cheese sandwiches!”

Me: “I’ve never met a little boy who didn’t like grilled cheese sandwiches.”

Henry: “Well, I’ve never met a mom who liked grilled cheese sandwiches so much!”


These photos of my handsome boy were taken at my cousin’s wedding.  I love them, but during the new baby chaos they were never posted{I went into labor the day after the wedding.}  Today seemed as good a time as ever.


3 thoughts on “The cheese stands alone.

  1. HAAHA!! Andrew will eat grilled cheese if I force him, but he won’t TOUCH mac and cheese. Strange!!!! (But he’d NEVER eat egg salad. He detests all things eggs…)

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