The day after Christmas we did what any good parents would do.  We took our kids away from their new toys and headed out-of-town for four days of skiing and snow.  {OK, the skiing part only applied to Alex and Henry, but we were all there.}  Once settled at the whitepassskicondo {say that three times fast and you will understand how Henry refers to his favorite home away from home} we did…well, we didn’t do much of anything.  And it was wonderful.

Of course I did manage to sneak in a few loads of laundry, but for the most part it was all about relaxing, playing games, eating, reading books and for Henry, it was all about skiing.  Our {biggest} little guy had a breakthrough on the slopes.  This fortunately {unfortunately?} came after the poor child almost lost his life skiing at top speed down the mountain right to the edge of the parking lot.  {I only wish I was kidding!}

However, our brave boy was willing to click back into his bindings and head back up the platter.  {“I’m not a platterpuss!” Ha.}  This time under the guidance of a trained professional – not that Alex and Pop-pop weren’t great – Henry learned how to “duck-walk” and sidestep his way up the mountain for over an hour.  For the second lesson Henry was back on the platter; taking it all the way to the top, getting off on his own, skiing down to the bottom and side-stepping his way in line to repeat the process again.  By the time he took his third lesson the kid was borderline professional.

one proud dad and teacher…

he insisted on carrying his own skis home…

The little boys and I stayed warm, watching the skiers from our living room and playing.  It’s amazing how calm our days were.  Could it really be that there are that many other distractions at home that slowly add to my increasing boiling point?  Anyhow, there were no bills to pay, things to organize, clean {other than after every meal}, or whatever else I may do during my day.  There was only me, my babies and much more patience.  Hmm…

watching big brother ski…

William “trying” to nap {in the same bassenet that his grandfather and mom used}…with the travel “sleep sheep” that has quite possibly saved my sanity…

reading with all three of my boys…

I love that this has become a tradition for our family.  A break during the holiday season.  Time to just focus on one another.  To remember what this crazy little life is all about.


2 thoughts on “Escape

  1. looks like a great break! we’ve been debating when to get Soren started and all the sensible advice advises me to wait…but then whenever I read your blog I want to get him out there!!!

    LOL on whitepassskicondo!!

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