All the trimmings

Here it is – our Christmas {a little before, during and after} with all of the trimmings.

:: Our front door decorated with the pre-lit garland that Alex despises.  It looks great during the Christmas season, but I’ll admit that the wear and tear of taking a staple gun to the door frame trim every year is starting to add up.  However, as Alex points out I’m not the one hanging the garland in the freezing weather so staple gun it is.

:: Holly from my grandparents holly bush.  Each year they faithfully deliver us a bag to add to our Christmas decorations.  This year I requested a much smaller amount as the prickly stuff and curious toddlers don’t mesh well.

:: One of my favorite Christmas tree ornaments.  Henry made it two Christmases ago and I’m still trying to figure out how to replicate it.  {That and how he managed such a project when only two years old.}

:: Three stockings hung by the chimney with care.  Though Henry is quick to point out that there are actually four hooks on our mantel.  I however point out that the hooks came with the house.

:: Christmas Eve dinner at mom and dad’s.

:: Wearing our crowns from the Christmas poppers {which were also filled with trivia, jokes, and a small toy.}  My grandma started this tradition many years ago and we all enjoy the fun games and the paper crowns.

::  Henry reading the Night Before Christmas {the same copy that was read to my dad – Henry’s Pop-pop} with his great-grandpa.

::  Christmas morning.  Looks like Santa came through.  {And Henry isn’t the only one who is thrilled!}

::  Santa also brought a little kitchen for Charlie and William.  Charlie was excited.  We assume William was too.

::  In case you were wondering, William was with us during all of this merriment.  Most of the time he was sleeping in his bassenet, bouncing away in his seat, snoozing while I wore him in a sling, or cooing and smiling in the arms of many family members.  And apparently I did a very poor job of documenting all of this activity, however I did snap this shot on Christmas morning as William was chatting away with the santa bear.

::  Back at home as we prepared for round two Charlie began to explore the inner workings of his new kitchen.

::  Siena, my darling niece getting ready to open gifts.

::  Charlie sporting his new apron – perfect for his newfound interest in the kitchen.

::  Our sneaky little elf.  This year we had to sort through any garbage bags or stacks set aside for recycling as our little helper Charlie loved to hide treasures {typically someone else’s new gift} in unattended bags.

::  One tired little boy.  Henry was out for the count in less than five minutes.  {This picture has also caused me to step back and reasses my love obesssion with stripes.  Looks like things are getting a wee bit out of hand…}


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