The naughty list.

When asked what he wanted for Christmas Henry would reply without missing a beat:

“A toy shotgun and a drum set.”

Oh boy.


This year Henry was all about Santa.  He fully embraced the idea of earning a spot on the “nice list.”  That and we had a helper around our house – our friendly elf Clyde.  This little sprite would report back to Santa at the end of each day on whether Henry had been naughty or nice.  He would return to our house by morning and Henry would wake up {bright and early} to discover the lookout Clyde had selected for the day.  {Our version of the game has him hiding in a new location each day.  This allows him to watch over our boys and see if they are being naughty or nice.  Clyde starts to visit our house the day we put out our Christmas decorations and heads back to the North Pole with Santa on Christmas Eve.}

We love Clyde.  We miss Clyde.  His absence means that we must start parenting again.  Sigh.

Henry made sure to cover all of his bases.  He was always on his best behavior around Clyde.  He wrote a letter to Santa.  He visited him twice.  Once at Rotary, the second time at the country club.  The Santa at the country club was an intimidating 6 foot 8 inches.  Henry wasn’t deterred, but did notice the difference between this giant Santa and the one he had visited just a few days before.  When asked about the size difference I reminded him of all of the milk and cookies Santa eats during this time of year.  Milk and cookies seemed a satisfactory response.  Whew.

{Yes, Henry insisted on wearing a sport coat to visit Santa.}

Despite my best prompting and suggestions, Henry’s response remained the same all through the season.

“A toy shotgun and a drum set.  Please.”

Deciding to choose the lesser of two evils, Santa was given the OK on the drum set.  I mean really, how loud could it be?

Needless to say Henry was thrilled.

Christmas morning after all of the gifts were opened Alex made a move {a move I’ve later learned was ripped right out of the “The Christmas Story” movie.}  Alex “found” one more present for Henry that Santa had left hidden in the corner.

You guessed it.  Santa has never been more real for Henry.

Yes, Santa is officially on my naughty list.

{It’s probably worth noting that in the midst of my grumbling it has been pointed out that at least the gift was a toy and not a real gun.  That at least Santa understood that giving a real gun to a four {AND A HALF!} year-old would be just plain crazy.}


One thought on “The naughty list.

  1. Exactly…at least YOUR husband did not give your child a REAL gun. My husband? We have a REAL gun waiting for Jack when he gets big enough! Someone at my house made the naughty list right along with Santa! :)

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