“All I want for Christmas…

…is yoouu!!”  That was me singing yesterday.  Well, pretty much everyday this week as I finally purchased a new copy of Mariah Carey’s Christmas CD.  The best Christmas CD ever.  {That certainly won’t change your high opinion of me will it?}  No matter, I remain firm in my statement.  However, I should point out that the last song is the best: “Jesus oh what a wonderful child.”  Our {extended} family can sing that song like no other.  Just picture a large group of off-key wannabe gospel singers and you have us pegged.  But if you turn the music up just so, the real rockin’ gospel choir drowns us out and its pure Christmas magic.

Anyway, we were on an adventure – driving to the dealership to get my car fixed.  {Remember our first outing as a family of five?}  Who doesn’t find it fun to pay $700 to get the rear wiper on your car repaired?  Especially the week before Christmas – I think it just adds to the thrill of the season.  All three kids were buckled into their seats and the Christmas music was rocking.  I’m not only singing, but making hand motions while driving.  {I’m a true multi-tasker.  Just yesterday I was pumping, answering my e-mail, eating pop-corn and drinking a Fresca.  All at the same time.  And no, this in no way has anything to do with the current post.}

Back to the singing.  And hand motions.  “All I want for Christmas is you!”  I turn around and motion to each boy sitting in the backseat.

“This isn’t even a Christmas song mom!”

{Completely dismayed} “Yes, it is Henry!  She’s singing about Christmas and how all she wants is you.

“Well mom you can’t have me for Christmas.  And I don’t want you for Christmas either.”

“Why not Henry?”

{With his best “are you kidding me?” expression} “Because I’m not a present mom!  And neither are you!”


3 thoughts on ““All I want for Christmas…

  1. love that. I am another big fan of that cd, along with the one Jewel did (yep, you heard that right!). Here’s to letting down your guard ;-). Anyhow, goooorgeous pics, my friend! You are workin’ that “nifty fifty” in amazing ways!!! It was so great to see you all and so wonderful to hear about you enjoying the positive spirit of this special season!!! Much much love to you all!!!oxoxo

  2. I mean…..the MC Christmas cd is hands down the best cd. Ever. Lib, this post absolutely tops my list. I have some fond memories of the fam driving to church in the suburban, belting out Mariah. Love love love that you’re carrying on the tradition. Atta girl. Those boys are too sweet. xoxoxo

    Love you guys!

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