Christmas Hang-ups

This morning was our church’s annual Christmas program.  This years theme was: “Christmas Hang-ups.”  The result was a morning filled with plenty of well-organized chaos as kiddos ages two to teens were shuttled around, sang at all three services and were filled with pancakes in between.  {As if they needed more sugar or energy…}

Henry was prepared for his performance early this morning.  He nixed the Christmas sweater I had picked out and said that he would rather wear his navy blazer.  After practicing his smile and his “I’m so cool and relaxed” look it was show time.

And look who made a guest apperance as baby Jesus.  {Charlie played the role when he was a newborn as well.}

Everyone said he was a natural – he even remembered all of his lines.  {Translation: he slept through the whole thing…}


2 thoughts on “Christmas Hang-ups

  1. Your boys are so beautiful. What blessings you have in them. How nice to have your service early in the month so that you can focus in on what Christmas is really about and keep that focus going in the hairy days leading up to Christmas. Blessings to you all!

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