A current theme.

There is this saying that most mothers {especially those with young children} know.  It goes something like “the days may be long but the years are short.”  It’s true.  While it may seem like William just joined our family yesterday other days it seems like I’ve been the mother of three for years.

I’m in the thick of it.  I’m officially a sleep-deprived woman.  That “new mom” adrenaline has long since left the building, and left me with three kids.  All dependent on me.  I’m knee-deep into those days when one second you have a dreamy moment with your toddler {think happy kiddos, hugs, everyone is following directions – bliss} and the next moment you are sending your kid into time-out for pushing.  {“You’re not my friend anymore mom!”}  Days where you find yourself dreaming about simply going to the bathroom without an audience.  We seem to have plenty of those days.  Days when there are diapers to be changed, laundry to be done, dinner to be made, noses to be wiped.  It feels a bit like a three-ring circus and apparently I’m the ring-leader.

Everyday I promise myself that this will be the day I finally return all of those phone calls/e-mails/text messages.  But I forget.  Again.  Instead snuggle-time, re-heating my coffee, making another batch of cookies and playing yet another round of tiddlywinks took precedence {again}.  There is always tomorrow I remind myself.  Tomorrow I will complete my to-do list.  Today we will read stories.

I never thought I would become one of those moms.  You know the ones – teetering happily on the edge of crazy.  I’m a “doer.”  I get things done.  But I’ve discovered that by fully diving into the role of motherhood it’s a much deeper and richer experience – one that otherwise would have passed me by.  This isn’t a job intended for dabbling.  This immersion into motherhood means that I’ve had to learn how to let things go.  Because I know that I’ll be one of those old ladies that looks back fondly on these days.  Not with regret, or a series of  “if only I had…”  There will be plenty of days in my future when I won’t trip over that darn toy every morning, and I will miss the pitter-patter of footed pajamas.  I want to look back and remember these days fondly.  Crazy yes, but oh so full of love.

While there may be plenty of those days, time continues to fly by.  At night when everyone is tucked into bed, I tiptoe in to kiss their sleeping faces and my heart feels as though it will burst.  I know that I will miss these days.  Because no matter how challenging, repetitive, and chaotic our days may seem, I love these little boys.  I pray for patience and peace each day, knowing that as mom, my attitude will set the tone for the day.  That even during the most chaotic of times, I do have a choice in how I will react.  And if my patience seems to have disappeared, I gently remind myself {yet again} that tomorrow is a fresh start.  Another chance to catch a smile, give hugs and laugh.  Another day in which a million little miracles in the mundane will take place – moments that make our life with three boys so beautiful.

And in the event that a meltdown seems inevitable?  There is always the “emergency” bubble bath.  Works every time.  {Kids are contained, happy, clean and gives everyone a chance for a fresh start.}

And yes, if you must know “teetering on crazy” may or may not include typing this while still in your pajamas {with wet hair}, drinking your coffee, and doing laundry.  All while a certain toddler toddles around in his jammies and proceeds to spit-up {throw-up?} his breakfast into the baby’s car seat.

Leaving mom to frantically rip off the cover and toss it into the wash {it must be both washed and dry in time to pick up Henry from school.}  During this, you note {yet again} that scrambled eggs are definitely not attractive the second time around.  It looks like it might be one of those days.


6 thoughts on “A current theme.

  1. Beautiful post. It’s an inspiration on ‘those days’ to slow down and enjoy the little stuff. Also — here’s hoping it was a spit up and not a throw up!

  2. Libby, you have MASTERED what us older Mom’s wish we would have gotten all those years ago. The joys of just embracing the day,whatever that brought. Instead of always wanting to get to the next stage (which we always thought would be easier) I feel honored to being able to share your journey and feel blessed with what you are teaching all of us who have an open heart to love, to truley love. I continue to keep you and your boys (even Alex) in my prayers. God has so many wonderful events for you to share with us – and we all thank you

  3. It all just makes me giggle so, because my days pretty-much all seem to be like that. I have resigned to the fact that my house is a mess and my “to-do” list is basically always a mile long. But I think you are right when you say that this time is so fleeting and that surely later on in life we won’t look back and say “gee, I wish I had been more on-the-ball with this or that.” Rather, I think it will sound more like so many women tell me: “I wish I had taken more time to be with the kids and just play and let the rest work itself out.” I think this is a struggle that applies to all mamas. Great to know that we are not alone!!! Big hugs to all of you! Can’t wait to see you!!!

  4. i love this post. i just thought the same thing today as i was in target singing and being completely silly with my son. everyone thought i was probably insane, but there is just nothing better than seeing/hearing my son laugh. it makes me smile and happy!!!

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