Let’s go fishing!

Henry has always embraced the outdoors.  Originally it was a simple love of mowing the lawn, but he maintains an always growing list of “favorite” outdoor hobbies.  They range from golf, skiing, tennis, “gardening”, baseball and riding his bike.  He has also shown a strong desire to follow in his dad and Pop-pop’s footsteps by becoming an avid outdoorsman.  And yes, this includes a love for bird hunting.

I am always working on making this hobby more “age appropriate,” which results in conversations like “Henry we don’t talk about shotguns at school” and “We only pretend to shoot at birds, never at people.”  One of my favorite conversations involved Henry’s teacher.  After expressing my concern about Henry’s newfound fascination with hunting, Mrs. R. stated that she and Henry had a conversation about his new hobby and “as long as he ate what he killed it was fine with her.”  Right.

I assume that these conversations are just the beginning of a long list of discussions I never imagined having, though I’m certain to have again with two other boys coming up the line.

That’s why I was beyond thrilled when Henry re-discovered a game that I purchased at least two years ago (before he only had a heart for hunting.)

Remember this classic?  For only $4 (the good ol’ days at Target) I bought “Let’s Go Fishing” – a current favorite around our house.

Even Charlie is trying out his cast (with the help of a very patient older brother.)

I kid you not – this game has earned me extra hours of sleep in the morning and squeals of laughter in the afternoon.

Henry takes his “fishing” very seriously and proudly recounts each and every fish tale.

And it has introduced my boys to a simple version of a classic “outdoor” hobby that doesn’t require us to shoot anything.

While the fishing game has taken the focus away from some of the hunting fascination, I know it’s only temporary.  Friends, I’m officially “that mom.”  The one who has the kid that turns everything into a gun.  Who likes to shoot things.  Please tell me that this is only a passing fad…my white flag is waving


5 thoughts on “Let’s go fishing!

  1. We JUST got one of these fishing games–a travel-sized one, no less–for our plane trip to Texas. Wilson LOVES it! I think it was $1 at Target!

  2. It only passes when they are able to shoot real guns! :) My sister sent a video of her oldest boy riding his horse and shooting out balloons with a Colt .45. Seriously! Real horse, real gun, real bullets, popping ballons. Yikes!

  3. Thank you for this post! I just had a conversation with Sydney my four year old. “What are you putting on your Santa list Sydney?” her reply, “A gun so I can shoot animals.” One could say I was shocked, we are used to girlie, princess items in our house (we have the fishing game but the Disney Princess version of course hehehe). We had to have a discussion on gun safety too :) I was tickled to hear you had a very similar conversation and same worries about what the teacher is going to think hehehe:) Have a great day!

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