And then he smiled.

William.  It’s true.  Last night you slept in your own bed.  Sure it was literally two inches from mom – but it was a separate mattress.

We both survived the night.

You’d made yourself pretty comfortable on our bed. {And I was happy to be snuggling with my sweet baby.}

Sweet boy the days go by quickly.  My sweet newborn has grown into a darling little baby.  You’ve opened your deep-blue eyes and are busy taking in the world.

My mama heart fills with love for her growing boy and my eyes well up with tears. {It’s going by too fast! I love the newborn stage the best!}

But there you go doing all of your growing up things – losing your newborn hair {making room for your big-boy locks}, deciding that yes, you do like your pacifier and making coos and baby squeaks of delight.

Though more often than not you are giving me your famous “do you really know what you are doing?” look.

Then you smiled.

And I remember that I love this stage best too.  {I do this with every stage.}


6 thoughts on “And then he smiled.

  1. these are the very reasons I miss having a tiny baby in the house!!! All those sweet little smiles and little noises they make….especially when nursing!

    Adorable pictures!

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