Our week

In pictures.

Henry and Charlie had a blast racing each other around the house,

each lap faster than the last.

William did some “tummy time,”

but decided that he prefers “back time.”

Charlie took the opportunity to explore big brother Henry’s fort while he was away at school,

and made himself right at home – defending his newfound territory with a serious face.

And I tried yet again to get “just one” shot of all three boys.

Oh well.

This is just a small sampling of the many photos I took this week, which leads me to my question.  How do you store/sort organize your photos?  Do they live on your camera’s memory card, do you immediately print the ones you want to keep deleting the rest, use an online service…I’m eager to hear your ideas {include details!} as I’m starting to find my storage/organization methods aren’t the most efficient.


10 thoughts on “Our week

  1. Love your pictures Libby! I can’t get my 3 boys to take a decent shot either. As for storing our photos. They are all on our computer and then backed up to a external hard drive. I organize by year and date, labeling each folder with what the pictures are of or from. We don’t print many unless I want one for a specific frame.

    Loved your previous post about calm too. In odd way I can total relate which considering we have 3 kids now is weird. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Libby!
    Great pics! I love seeing what Henry, Charlie and William are up to.
    While I don’t have kids to take pictures of, I do have a way of storing photos to keep them organized.
    I always put all of my pics onto iPhoto (assuming you use a mac) and then delete the files off the memory card. Then on iPhoto you sort pics by events which you can categorize by date or activity, and then you can go through each event and hide blurry, bad pics and keep better ones and then you can “flag” the best pics to keep in the flagged folder so you can find them easily to show to people or print.
    It helps me at least.
    Great posts as usual too!

  3. I do mine the same way- on the computer by date and sometimes by special folders like “Christmas 08” or “Fall 09”

    Yeah and trying to a good picture of all three is nearly impossible right now. The boys are adorable though!

  4. So sweet…and I have to say I love that quilt and I love that chair! (I know that was not what those photos were about, but I couldn’t help but notice!) I load my pics into the computer and then once a month (only because I learned my lesson the hard way…like editing and printing a year’s worth of photo takes days and costs hundreds!) I send them through Snapfish to be printed at my grocery store. Then as I soon as I get those back, no matter how much I really don’t want to, I make myself put all those pics into my photo albums…which I buy online so they all match…I’m up to almost 30 now! The secret is finding a system no matter what it is and sticking to it…once you get behind it’s just overwhelming! I love hearing how other people do this too! Great post.

  5. Your boys are so beautiful! I love hearing your little stories about them. We are 4 girls and it is rare to get a good shot of all four, but I have found over the years that marshmallows and m & m’s work wonders if only to bribe them into a good Christmas photo and Easter one:)

    I too upload to snapfish pretty regular. It is a great way to share them with the family. I upload and then email and they get to see all the fun we are having. THEY are really good about printing, but I have to say, that I have fallen behind on getting them printed out since we moved and had a baby. I’m inspired by Sarah though.


  6. love your blog- and your boys are so sweet. we use picasa to upload our pics to and then like a reader before- order them once a month from mpix.com. i back them up to an external hard drive in case my laptop decides to bail on me. because i have a hard time deleting anything, i have lots of mess-ups, mistakes, and all that good stuff as well- but i still can’t seem to part with them. good luck- just remember that you can’t get them back- so something is better than nothing!!!

  7. I use Winkflash to print my pictures once a month or so. I also use the service to send pictures directly to birthparents and grandparents. However, since Christiana was born the pictures live on the card. Winkflash advertised 4 cent prints until Nov 5 (I think) so I’m planning to get them all uploaded and ordered this weekend. I also save them to CD’s to keep at home.

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