William is finally starting to wake from his four-week slumber.  Sort of.

While I have yet to resort to taking photos of him at night – his favorite and almost only time awake during his first four weeks – with a bit of patience and perseverance we have finally entered into the fifth week.  And yes, that means some awake time.  Brief.  Yet, definitely worth catching.  Especially during the day.  {Not that he isn’t cute during the night, but I do prefer to sleep then…}

We gaze lovingly into each others eyes.

We {OK, I} make funny faces seeking out that first smile.

He wonders what the heck I’m doing.

He coos affectionately while giving us his best model pose.

And we all laugh and cheer, while getting to know our dear little one.

{His favorite pose, which reminds me so much of Henry as a baby.}

{But despite all of our active awake time, he continues to be photo-ready around 2:00 a.m. as well.}


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