Back in the saddle

Last week the county fair was in full-swing, so naturally we packed up the kids and headed out to over-indulge in greasy food {my once-a-year corndog}, visit some farm animals and take in a few rides.  {With the help of my mom, ensuring a one to one ratio between kids and adults.}

Henry was thrilled to hop back on the saddle again and take “his” horse for a spin.

Alex and I were thrilled at the opportunity to see how Charlie did around horses.  {We have been eagerly awaiting the day for him to start hippotherapy – basically physical therapy by means of horseback-riding.}

Charlie wasn’t so thrilled.

Guess we’ll put horse therapy on the back-burner.

And yes, Alex didn’t disappoint.  He was sporting the “corporate dad” look, wearing a tie to the fair.  Again.  But in his defense it was in the middle of a work day and he was going back to the office.  {And yes, I’ll pay for that photo.}

Henry and I hit the kiddie midway for a few rides.  Our first was the “Wild Worm,” which was a bit reminiscent of last year’s ride.  But it’s the photos from this year that frighten me.

Seriously – who thought this should be the face for the kiddie rollercoaster?  But it was a wild ride…

Two hours and we had our fill – that is after Henry had “won” {bought} a large obnoxious inflatable plastic toy that could only have come from the fair.  Only one more year until we get to do it all again.  {I think my lack of fair enthusiasm this year was the result of both new-mom exhaustion and nervous-nelly worries about germs.  I think we used an entire bottle of hand sanitizer.}

{Yes, William was with us, but he napped happily in the Bob while the rest of us enjoyed the festivities.  Darn carnies said he was too short for the rides.}


5 thoughts on “Back in the saddle

  1. Ummm…the kids are cute…(as always) BUT the REAL question is how do you already look like you’ve NEVER EVER GIVEN BIRTH…let alone having done it THREE TIMES!?!?!?!?

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